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                                                     gainst the backdrop of increasing demand for organic food products in both
                                                     domestic and export markets, it is appropriate that the national food regulator,
                                               Athe Food Safety and Standards Authority of India  (FSSAI) has thought it fit to
                                               frame stricter norms for such products. Draft regulations have been framed and sent
                                               to stakeholders eliciting their comments.
                                                  Among other things, the regulations would seek to establish traceability at over
                                               producer  level,  where  is  it  easier  to  check  the  accuracy  of  organic  status  of  these
                                               products, the demand for which is rising year after year.
                                                    The  regulations  would  also  stipulate  that  these  products  carry  a  certification
                                               or quality assurance mark of one of the systems that certify organic food. Any food
                                               permitted as organic food, the regulator emphasizes, should comply with the provisions
         Chief editor                          of the National Programme for Organic Production or Participatory Guarantee System
         S. Jafar Naqvi
                                               for India, besides any other system or standards that it may notify in future. Non-
         Consulting editors                    compliance of these regulations would attract penal action
         T.V. Satyanarayanan
                                                  India  now  ranks  15  in  terms  of  area  under  organic  certification.  According  to
         Sub-editor                            figures available with the International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture
         Sudeepa Ghosh
                                               in Bangalore, the confirmed area under certified organic farming  has progressed fast,
         Chief Co-ordinator                    from 42,000 hectares in 2003-04 to seven lakh hectares in over a decade, . Latest figures
         M.B. Naqvi
                                               estimate the overall area under certified management for organic farming at 11.8 lakh
         editorial Co-ordinator                hectares, including areas in different stages of conversion.
         Syed M K
                                                  Sikkim is considered as the first organic state in this country, while Madhya Pradesh
         layout & design                       has maximum area under organic certification. Arunachal Pradesh and Rajasthan come
         Faiyaz Ahmad
         Mohd. Iqbal                           next and more and more states have started focusing on organic farming.
                                                  Prime  Minister  Narendra  Modi  has  been  exhorting  states  to  bring  select  areas
         Head Office                           under organic farming and help market the high value products as part of the strategy
         New delhi: : +91-11-29535593 /        to augment the income of farmers.
         64519106 / 65655264                    Among the organic crops in the country, cotton occupies the largest area, while the
                                               other popular organic products include high value soyabean, fruits and vegetables,
         Other Business Offices
                                               cereals,  particularly  Basmati  rice,  tea  coffee  and  milk.  India  produced  1.35  million
         Mumbai: 9702903993                    tonnes of certified organic food products in 2015-16. The exports from the country
                                               during the year, in value terms, was estimated at Rs. 2,976 crore,
         Pune: 9881137397                         At present, the market for organic food products in the country is mainly export-
                                               oriented. Organic products market in India is estimated Rs. 5000 crore, the bulk of
         Chennai: 9941130277                   which  is  made  up  by  exports.  The  main  destinations  for  India’s  organic  products
                                               are European Union, the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Korea, Australia, New
         Admn. & Marketing Office              Zealand, Southeast Asian countries, Middle East and South Africa.
         Media todaY pvt. ltd.                    To give further boost to such exports, government is reportedly considering to lift
         J-73, paryavaran Complex, Neb Sarai,
         iGNoU road, New delhi - 110068 (india)  all curbs on organic farm exports. Currently government controls export of certain
         phone : 91-11-29535593 /              farm items through various restrictive measures so as to keep domestic supplies of
         64519106 / 65655264
         E-mail:         essential items steady. As a result even export of organic items in this category take a
         Web.:              hit. Now the government has come round to the view that all restrictions be removed
                                               for export of all organic food items like soyabean, pulses, sugar, fruits and vegetables.
         Subscription                          This  would  be  a  significant  step  forward  for  promotion  of  organic  farming  in  the
         india : 1 Year rs. 1000/-  by Normal post  country.
                    rs. 1300/- by Courier
                    2 Years rs. 1850/-  by Normal post  One major constraint for popularizing organic foods in the domestic market is the
                    rs. 2450/- by Courier      high price of products, mainly because of high cost of certification. Issues concerning
          overseas :  US$ 120 for 1 Year / US$ 230 for 2 Years
         Single Copy  in india : rs. 100/-     logistics and supply chain management are other contributory factors.  This is because
         Single Copy Cost for overseas : US$10  organic production centres are not many and they are also scattered. Once more centres
         printed, published and owned by M.B. Naqvi,  come up and production increases, the costs could come down.
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