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10   cover story


        Itc: ADDING vALUe
        to AGrIcULtUre to
        AUGMeNt INcoMe
        & LIveLIHooD
        –  Y C Deveshwar, Chairman, ITC

        8     editoriAl                                         28    hortiCulture
                                                                      Perspective of Challenges and Options in
              ProFile                                                 Production and Utilization of Pomegranate
        14    Corrow Seeds                                            (Part 2)
        26    Bhagyodaya Industries                                   –   H.P Singh and Babita Singh
        32    Dahela Engineers (India)                          34    Food PoP uPs
        36    Worldwide Formations                                    Home dining meets pop culture

        37    Metallic Alloys Pvt. Ltd.                               The pop up shop is now headed from the mall to
        38    S S Milling & Engineering Co.                           people’s homes
                                                                      – Ayandrali Dutta
                                                                40    neWs
        16    gst                                               n     G5% GST likely on packaged food awaiting trademark
              One  month  of  GST - great  beginning,           n     After frozen peas, Mother Dairy counts on value-added
              greater  challenges                                     segment to bear fruit
              – Dr. Subodh Jindal, President, AIFPA             n     Britannia to rope in partner to focus on dairy business

                                                                n     APEDA to focus on fruits, vegetables
        20    Cuisine                                           n     FSSAI rolls outs scheme for strengthening food testing
              Amazing Diversity & Variety in Bengaluru          n     ITC Foods launches biscuit 'enriched' with native Indian
              Cuisine                                                 cow milk
              – Sandeep Murlidharan, Director, Golden Palm      n     Dehydration units make nil gains from onion price surge
                                                                n     Domino’s India to invest Rs 100 crore for product
        22    Cold ChAin                                              enhancement
              India’s Third Agricultural Revolution             n     Grofers increases size of sales basket to Rs 768 crore
              Through sustainable Cold-chain                    n     India needs single nodal agency for organic standards:
              (Part 2)                                                Report
              –   Pawanexh Kohli, CEO of NCCD                   n     Food bloggers weigh in on the hottest food trends

        6      September 2017     AgriBusiness & Food  i ndustr y
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