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Message from

                                 Dr. V. Prakash

                                                            V. Prakash, Ph.D, FRSC
                                                            President, International Society of
                                                            Nutraceuticals and Nutritionals and Naturals
                                                            (ISNANN), INDIA
                                                            Vice-President of International Union of
                                                            Nutritional Sciences (IUNS), London, UK
                                                            Chairman, India Region of European Hygienic
                                                            Engineering Design Group, Germany
                                                            Former Director of CFTRI & Distinguished
                                                            Scientist of CSIR – India

        It’s a great pleasure to send this message to the Souvenir of the Agribusiness Conclave, which is a very unique one being the 9th in the series
        of Agritech India 2017 and India Foodex 2017 Expo series at Bangalore this year with the vibrancy of Media Today Group and the participation
        of FKCCI also.
        Agribusiness is a very common word and many a times used in its best format but most of the times it tries to cascade farming with
        manufacturing without realizing that the manufacturing sector is not the same as farming sector and the high-tech manufacturer cannot go
        to the field and grow the raw material or vice versa ! Therefore, taking the dairy model in India which is a global standard and India being
        Number 1 in milk production, what is the message that we get from it? The farmer is given encouragement to produce quality milk with the
        highest hygiene that he can improve upon. It is then collected at his place where the woman gets cash or credit as per the quality of milk
        and then goes to basic primary processing of pasteurization. By this, 90% of the milk is pasteurized within a radius of 40-50 kms gets quickly
        packed and distributed. The remaining 10 – 20% of milk gets spray-dried converted to milk powder and transported to nearby centres or
        kept in the same centrefor standardization of the next day’s milk. The whole chain has induced dairy production with secondary and tertiary
        processing and Value addition thereby the economics is also multiplied. The farmer is a member in the entire chain and is to get the benefit
        to the co-operative to improve the infrastructure with health for the livestock and facilities with fodder. This will all increase his income and in
        today’s target of doubling the income perhaps 2-3 years from now if we focus this dairy model to individual agri-material agribusiness (words
        not like horticulture but specific words like pomegranate, mango cauliflower, cabbage, peas etc., should be addressed equating them similar
        to milk).
        Therefore, it is my focused attention to ensure through this message for the Souvenir that the farmer has to be supported with all that he
        needs in farming to get the highest production and productivity (including marginal farmer) to make his income not double but 5 times in the
        next 1000 days by an all-inclusivity in the chain. The farmer has to be ensured profit sharing as much from the chain. India has postponed this
        all-inclusiveness of the farmer in the entire food processing chain and has made it a one way traffic of flow of raw materials to market. It is my
        humble call on the occasion of 9th Agribusiness and Foodex that we must have a 1-way movement of raw materials and the 1-way movement
        of finished goods and a 2-way movement of commerce and money between the farmer and consumer. It is then only we can talk of doubling
        the income of the farmer by next year end and 5 times in 1000 days for the farmer. Of course, the modern Science and Technology shall help
        and the great advantage that India has, is also the powerful media which can ensure the right information to the consumer on the one end
        and the farmer on the other end and the third apex being the industry (village, cottage, women, micro, tiny, small, medium, large and global
        industries). This is the NEW INDIA in the new Agritechsystems with the agribusiness wrapping the market from FARM to FOLK in the next 1000
        days for multiplying the income of the farmer by 5-times and that should be seen shortly in the next 1000 days. Why not ?

                                                                                            Vish Prakash
        Dated; August 21, 2017                                                             Vice President,
                                                                                 International Union of Nutritional Sciences

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