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                                                     fter  an  initial  slowdown,  Rabi  sowing  has  picked  up  momentum  and  the
                                                     acreage has gone a tad above that in the corresponding period last year. The
                                               Asowing of pulses has shown a substantial increase, although the area under
                                               wheat,  oilseeds  and  coarse  grains  has  slightly  come  down,  according  to  figures
                                               available up to third week of December..
                                                  The  rise  in  area  under  pulses  could  be  attributed  to  a  substantial  hike  in  the
                                               minimum support prices for these crops announced for 2017-18.  According to the
                                               government announcement  on Rabi prices, the support price for gram stands at Rs
                                               4,400 a quintal -- including a bonus of Rs. 150 a quintal—against Rs 4,000 a quintal last
                                               year, and for Masur Rs. 4,250 a quintal, against Rs. 3950 a quintal last year.
                                                  The  government  has  also  announced  a  bonus  of  Rs  100  a  quintal  for  oilseeds
         Chief editor                          --mustard and safflower—in a bid to boost their production, but the increase in the
         S. Jafar Naqvi                        MSP,  that  includes  the  bonus,  does  not  seem  to  have  incentivized  the  farmers  to
         Consulting editors                    increase the area under these crops.
         T.V. Satyanarayanan                      The government has not announced any bonus for wheat or barley, but the MSP
         Chief Co-ordinator                    for wheat has been increased by Rs. 110 a quintal to Rs. 1625 a quintal. The lag in
         M.B. Naqvi                            wheat sowing this time could be due  to unfavourable weather conditions like low oil
         editorial Co-ordinator                moisture and higher than normal temperatures in the initial sowing period.
         Syed M K                                 Keeping in mind Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of doubling the farmers’
         layout & design                       income by 2022, the Agriculture Ministry is keen to involve the tech community in
         Faiyaz Ahmad                          resolving some of the thorny issues related to agriculture. The Ministry has identified
         Mohd. Iqbal
                                               12 challenging issues that need technological solutions to take Indian agriculture to
                                               the next level. Agriculture Secretary SK Pattanayak spelt out the areas of concern and
         Head Office                           urged individuals, entrepreneurs and tech start-ups to find solutions for them under
         new delhi: : +91-11-29535593 /
         64519106 / 65655264                   what he called the “Agriculture Grand Challenge” programme.                    Speaking  at  the  TIEcon  Delhi  2017,  Pattanayak  said  the  ministry  would  work

         Other Business Offices                closely with the participants and provide them all assistance they need. The solutions
                                               should be affordable and implementable.
         Mumbai: 9702903993                    The  themes  identified  for  technological  solutions  are:  Simplified  tools  for  soil
         Pune: 9881137397                      testing; assaying and grading technique; solutions for e-marketing; algorithms of price                   and  yield  forecasting;  last  mile  information  dissemination;  sorting  and  grading  of
                                               produce; adulteration testing; issues relating to custom hiring centres; crop residue
         Chennai: 9941130277           disposal; checking pre-and post- harvest losses; and, boosting productivity.
                                                  The challenge has two parts one for developing fundamental concepts, and the
         Admn. & Marketing Office              other for testing products and processes useful in real-life situations.
         MediA todAy PVt. ltd.
         J-73, Paryavaran Complex, neb sarai,     Surely, research and technology hold the key to take Indian agriculture forward.
         ignou road, new delhi - 110068 (india)
         Phone : 91-11-29535593 /              With no dearth of talent in India, one hopes the ministry’s innovative programme
         64519106 / 65655264                   would yield good results.
         Web.:                 Undoubtedly, there is a strong case for increasing the outlay for R&D in the farm                     sector in this country for all programmes to succeed. A recent study by the Indian
         Subscription                          Council of Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) shows that spending
         india : 1 year rs. 1000/-  by normal Post  on agricultural research and development, including extension services, is at least 10
                    rs. 1300/- by Courier      times more effective in augmenting income and reducing poverty than spending on
                    2 years rs. 1850/-  by normal Post
                    rs. 2450/- by Courier      fertilizer and power subsidies. The study, led by noted economist Ashok Gulati, found
          overseas :  us$ 120 for 1 year / us$ 230 for 2 years   that every rupee spent on agricultural research and extension has given the country a
         single Copy  in india : rs. 100/-
         single Copy Cost for overseas : us$10  return of Rs. 11.2.  This is a clear message, says Gulati: The government needs to spend
                   (Add 5% GST)                more and more on agriculture research and development than on subsidies.

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