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                                           – Vinod Kumaar Kaul, Editorial Coordinator

               ndia is the second largest   incomes, and the effect of   and consume. From cereals, to   prepared foods designed for
               food producer in the     globalization, exponential   ready-to-eat breakfast and full   ease of consumption. They are
            Iworld. But the irony is    modernization and migration   meals, instant noodles, instant   time saving foods with longer
            that only a negligible amount   ratio in India, the eating habits   pasta, frozen foods, beverages,   shelf life. Broadly speaking,
            of the farm produce gets    in India are going through a   there’s just so much more to   convenience foods can be
            processed into value added   process of change. Nuclear   ready-to-eat food. Let us give   categorized into shelf-stable
            products. One of the reasons   families and busy lifestyles   a little look at some of the   convenience foods and frozen
            attributable to this scenario   are resulting in increased   most popular brands in India   convenience foods. As for
            could be the lifestyle whereby   instances of eating processed   today.            shelf-stable convenience foods
            in India there is still choice for   food and ready-to-eat meals.   Convenience foods   these include (a) Ready-To-
            consuming food in its fresh   The convenience factor is   concept in India is of recent   Eat (RTE) (b) Ready-To-Serve
            form rather than packaged   important in Ready-to-Eat and   origin while it prevailed in   (RTS) and (c) Ready-To-Cook
            one. Yet, with changing     pre cooked food as much as   the developed world for quite   (RTC) foods.
            lifestyles, rising disposable   one needs to just heat, stir, fry   some time now.  These are   Over the years, with

            10    April 2018     AgriBusiness & Food  i ndustr y
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