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                                                         gricultural research, with good extension back-up, can play a key role in the
                                                         attempts to double the farmers’ income by 2022. It is a welcome step, therefore,
                                                  Athat the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and state agricultural
                                                  universities, along with Central and state agencies, have developed a strategy document
                                                  to achieve the goal. As is well known,  Indian farm scientists have played a pivotal
                                                  role in the country’s agricultural development, which began with the launching of the
                                                  Green Revolution in the mid-sixties.
                                                  Commending the strategy document, Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh,
                                                  who was addressing a conference of Vice-Chancellors of state agricultural universities
                                                  and Directors of ICAR in New Delhi, expressed confidence that its implementation
                                                  would go a long way towards achieving the prosperity of the farming community.
                                                  According  to  available  figures,  India  has  about  138  million  land  holders,  of  which
            Chief editor
            S. Jafar Naqvi                        about 85 per cent farmers are marginal –owning up to one hectare --and small – one to
                                                  two hectares. It is this vulnerable section that needs maximum attention.
            Consulting editor
            T.V. Satyanarayanan                   ICAR’s research activities and its technology transfer efforts have led to many success
                                                  stories, and among them the Minister singled out  Integrated Farming System (IFS) as
            Chief Co-ordinator
            M.B. Naqvi                            one ideally suited to augment the income of marginal and small farmers. Among other
                                                  things, the IFS models –there are different models to suit different climatic zones and
            editorial Co-ordinator                regions – help the farmers to tackle the problem of climate change as well. There are
            Syed M K
                                                  models designed to help landless farmers also.
            layout & design
            Faiyaz Ahmad                          According to an ICAR report, a Specialized Integrated Farming System for landless
            Mohd. Iqbal                           and marginal farmers was initially tried out in recent past in 42 villages of Barabanki
                                                  and  Raebareli  districts  of  Uttar  Pradesh.  These  villages  constituted  67  per  cent  of
            Head Office                           the rural population in these two districts. The components of this system included
            new delhi: : +91-11-29535593 /        starting a small dairy with low initial cost, poultry production, integrating in situ azolla
            64519106 / 29535872
                   production as an alternative source of feeding, prevention and therapeutic strategy for
                                                  control of mastitis, plant growth enhancer for increasing production and soil health
            Other Business Offices
                                                  improvement. Under various interventions, about 6000 farmers were covered directly.
            Mumbai: 9702903993                    Many other farmers in the nearby areas tried to replicate the system and met with
            Pune: 9881137397                      A performance survey showed that the average annual income of landless farmers
                                                  increased from Rs. 14,750 to Rs 88,560 and of marginal farmers from Rs 26,500 to Rs.
            Chennai: 9941130277                   1.8 lakh. These families were able to spend 32.3 per cent of their income on house,
             farm machinery and the like, which was not possible earlier; Drop-out school children,
                                                  because of  financial constraints, were re-admitted.
            Admn. & Marketing Office
            MediA todAy pvt. ltd.                 It is common knowledge that research alone, however impressive, is not enough. It
            J-73, paryavaran Complex, neb sarai,   is very important to transfer the new agro techniques and technology to the fields of
            ignou road, new delhi - 110068 (india)
            phone : 91-11-29535593 /              farmers. It is here the role of extension services comes in.  ICAR has its own agencies
            64519106 / 29535872                   like Krish Vigyan Kendras and demonstration plots to enthuse farmers to adopt new
            Web.:              technology, but such facilities are limited in number.  On a larger scale, the technology
                       transfer  has  to  be  promoted  through  extension  agencies  at  the  Centre  and  states,
                                                  mainly states.
            india : 1 year rs. 1000/-  by normal post  Although there are multiple agencies in the country offering agricultural extension
                       rs. 1300/- by Courier
                       2 years rs. 1850/-  by normal post  or advisory services, the weaknesses in the system are too many. As the last year’s
                       rs. 2450/- by Courier      Economic Survey pointed out, agriculture extension needs to take the form of one-stop-
             overseas :  us$ 120 for 1 year / us$ 230 for 2 years   shop, offering both hardware and software solutions to raise the income of farmers,
            single Copy  in india : rs. 100/-
            single Copy Cost for overseas : us$10  especially small and marginal farmers. There needs to be a shift to demand-driven
                      (Add 5% GST)                advisory services that would cater to the farmer, region, and crop-specific needs. That
                                                  can be achieved through a virtual connect, using IT (mobile and internet) integration
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