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         14      cover story                                     28     post event

        Global Halal Expo 2018                                  AAHAR 2018 Focuses on
        promoted through the                                    Excellence and Innovation in
        15  edition of Malaysia                                 Improving Food Standards of
        International Halal Showcase                            India
        2018 (MIHAS 2018)                                       The Edition Promotes India's Manufacturing Processes to Economic Success

        20  Food FortiFiCAtion                                  44  teCHnology
            Food Fortification: Simple, Inexpensive yet             Bühler LumoVision: Saving lives and
            Priceless                                               improving livelihoods with revolutionary
            A key intervention in POSHAN                            data-driven grain sorting technology
        22  post eVent                                          46  Bio preserVAtion
            A successful fair: Machinery worth US$ 20 million sold     Extending the shelf life of foods through
            Discussions between Turkish Grain Milling Industry to promote
            Indo-Turkish Cooperation                                bacteriocins - A Bio preservative tool
                                                                    - K.Shunmugapriya, T.R.T.M Ponbhagavathi and T. Aruna
        24  Food systeM                                         50  BreAd
            Global Food Policy Report 2018                          The peace of Bread
            Reshape Food Systems to fight hunger                    by Pankaja Srinivasan
            and malnutrition
            Strengthen climate-smart agriculture                51  CulinAry ForuM
            – Bureau Report                                         Indian culinary forum summit 2018 brings
                                                                    in its fold top business leaders, chefs,
        32  FresH produCe
            Edible coating of Fruits and Vegetables                 nutritionists
            using Natural sources
            –   T.R. Thirumuruga Ponbhagavathi, K.Shunmuga Priya  52  news
                                                                l  Coca-Cola India launches no-sugar variant of Thums
        36  proFile                                                 Up Charged
            Azan Group                                          l  Food should be sold at regular prices in theatres: High
        38  sports Food
            Foods for Sports Personality                        l  TN may tap PPP or JV model for Rs. 400-cr agri
            - S.Thirukkumar and G.Hemalatha                         supply chain project

        8      May 2018     AgriBusiness & Food  i ndustr y
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