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                                                      orticulture production in India has been consistently going up, thanks to the
                                                      focus that this sector has been getting from central and state governments.
                                               HThe importance that it has been getting is reflected in the Union Agriculture
                                               Ministry’s horticulture production estimate of 307 million tonnes, a record, in 2017-18
                                               (July to June) as against the previous year’s output of 300 million tonnes.
                                                  According to the Ministry’s third advance estimates, fruit production is expected
                                               to exceed 97 million tonnes because of increased output of many fruits, particularly
                                               mangoes. The citrus fruits production is estimated to go up by 9.6 per cent to 12.51
                                               million tonnes, .and mango production is expected to rise by 9 per cent to 21.25 million
                                                  The  Ministry’s  estimate  of  vegetables  production  is  about  180  million  tonnes,
                                               marginally higher than last year’s output, although the popular vegetables like potato,
                                               onion and tomatoes showed a fall in output. The highest drop of 6.6 per cent has been
                                               in tomato production. .
                                                  As  for  plantation  crops,  a  slight  fall  is  expected,  because  of  drop  in  coconut
         Chief editor
         S. Jafar Naqvi                        production.
                                                  The Ministry has estimated the area under horticulture crops in 2017-18 at 25.66
         Consulting editor                     million hectares – an increase of 3.26 million hectares compared to that in the previous
         T.V. Satyanarayanan
         Chief Co-ordinator                       It is interesting to note that even as the sector as a whole is taking rapid strides,
         M.B. Naqvi                            some of the fruits, sidelined by researchers so far, have started getting some attention.
         editorial Co-ordinator                One  such  fruit  is  jackfruit,  some  sweet  varieties  of  which  are  popular  in  southern
         Syed M K                              states, eastern and north-east regions, while it is used more as a vegetable in northern
                                               states. This fruit is poised to get top attention in Meghalaya, where the government
         layout & design
         Faiyaz Ahmad                          is planning to launch a special mission to explore the fruit’s potential. The plan is
         Mohd. Iqbal                           to launch the policy document on ‘Mission Jackfruit’ on the Independence Day next
         Head Office                              A news report quoting Agriculture Commissioner of Meghalaya KN Kumar said
         new delhi: : +91-11-29535848 /        his state could be the first to plan an exclusive mission document for jackfruit.  Jackfruit
         29535593 / 29535872                   grows in abundance --about a million of them – in the wild in the state, particularly
                                               in the Garo Hills region. Kumar said the mission would aim at generating economic
         Other Business Offices                activity and create employment opportunities based on this fruit, 75 per cent of which
         Mumbai: 9702903993                    is now getting wasted. The mission’s target is to help more than 82,000 farmers in the                 next five years.
                                                  With an outlay of Rs. 79 crore, the mission would seek to promote research and
         Pune: 9881137397                   development,  agro-processing  clusters  and  farmer  producer  organizations,  and
                                               facilitate development of equipment and the like. It has also on its agenda establishment
         Chennai: 9941130277                   of  Technology  Centres  in  the  production  areas  of  Garo,  Khasi  and  Jaintia  hills  to
                                               provide training and technical assistance to entrepreneurs.
         Admn. & Marketing Office                 Special  varieties  of  jackfruit  grown  in  south  India  have  caught  the  attention  of
         MediA todAy PVt. ltd.                 Indian  Council  of  Agricultural  Research  (ICAR)  scientists.  Scientists  working  in
         J-73, Paryavaran Complex, neb sarai,   Central Horticultural Experiment Station (CHES) at Hirehalli in Tumankuru district
         ignou road, new delhi - 110068 (india)
         Phone : 91-11-29535848 /              of  Karnataka,  under  the  Indian  Institute  of  Horticultural  Research,      have  entered
         29535593 / 29535872                   into a three-year agreement with a farmer, whose jackfruit tree has unique genetic
         E-mail:         characteristics. The tree is known for its fruit having attractive coppery-red colour,
         Web.:                     crisp  and  sweet  taste,  and  large-size  edible  flakes,  besides  unique  phyto-chemical
                                               properties. .
         Subscription                             The scientists prepare grafts from this tree to popularize and propagate this variety.
         india : 1 year rs. 1000/-  by normal Post
                    rs. 1300/- by Courier      Each graft is sold for Rs. 150 and, of this, the farmer gets Rs 110. Under the agreement,
                    2 years rs. 1850/-  by normal Post  the research scientists have already credited Rs. 1.5 lakh into the farmers’ account in
                    rs. 2450/- by Courier      one year after selling the grafts from the mother plant. About 2000 grafts have already
          overseas :  us$ 120 for 1 year / us$ 230 for 2 years
         single Copy  in india : rs. 100/-     been distributed and many more are in the pipeline.
         single Copy Cost for overseas : us$10     CHES is doing a survey to identify superior jackfruit genotypes in the traditional
                   (Add 5% GST)
                                               growing areas of southern Karnataka.
                                                  Surely, there are many more fruits and vegetables grown in the country that deserve
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