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            Flower & nursery business in bangladesh

            India could be the partner in growth

            A couple buying red roses from a shop in Dhaka’s flower market in Shahbagh area on Valentine’s Day

             –	Report	by	M.B. Naqvi	       s	we	live	in	the	era	of	the	Fourth	Industrial	  quality	plants,	foliage,	trees	and	looking	towards
                  with	Media	inputs        Revolution,	it	is	important	for	Bangladesh	  India	 and	 Thailand	 as	 a	 model	 for	 their	 future
                                    Ato	 sustain	 the	 phase	 of	 development,	  expansions  and  upgradation  of  their  nurseries.
                                    where	citizens	are	made	 aware	of	 the	 impact	 of	  When	visited	several	nurseries	in	around	Dhaka,
                                    innovation	in	different	sectors	such	as	agriculture	  the	mood	of	the	Industry	is	very	clear	go	ahead
                                    Horticulture,	Floriculture	business,	social	progress,	  with	 newer	 visitors.	 The	 major	 components	 for
                                    ready	 made	 garments,	 education,	 health	 care,	  them	 are	 the	 good	 shading	 nets,	 tissue	 culture
                                    ,	tourism,	energy	sector	etc.	Located	at	a	critical	  plants,	 variety	 of	 pots,	 gardening	 accessories,
                                    injunction	 based	 on	 global	 economy	 and	 global	  for	which	they	are	looking	towads	India,	higher
                                    technology, what Bangladesh does in the next ten   duties	on	such	products	import	is	to	be	addressed
                                    years in the field of innovation would determine   by	their	Government.
                                    its	economy	for	the	future.	The	country’s	policy	  As	par	the	trade	sources,	few	Indian	companies
                                    makers,	 Agri	 entrepreneurs	 and	 industrialists	  are	sending	their	products	through	a	third	country,
                                    need	to	start	thinking	about	what	technological	up	  to	avoid	higher	duties	on	Indian	products.	We	can
                                    gradations	truly	means	for	Bangladesh.      export  our  products  to  Bangladesh  1000  times
                                                                                more,	 if	 the	 duty	 would	 reduced	 as	 per	 other
                                    Flower exports	                             countries  tariff  of  5%  to  10%  maximum  said  a
                                       M.  Ahsan  Ullah,  president  of  Bangladesh   plastic product exporter from India.
                                    Flower Growers and Exporters Association, said   We	 are	 very	 keen	 to	 import	 high	 quality
                                    the  country  exports  flowers  and  foliage  worth   tissue	culture	plants	from	Pune,	as	the	Indian	labs
                                    nearly	Tk	2.0	billion	annually.             are	 supplying	 plants	 to	 over	 30	 countries,	 said
                                       However, flower farmers, traders and nursery   Green	 Garden	 Agricultural	 Company	 importing
                                    owners	 very	 optimistic	 about	 the	 pattern	 of	  gardening	 tools,	 shading	 nets,	 and	 pot	 plants
                                    demand,	 from	 new	 generation	 consumers	 and	  from	India	and	facilitated	my	visit	to	nurseries	in
                                    playing	to	adopt	modern	ways	of	growing	high	  Dhaka.

            10  Floriculture Today  June 2017
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