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                  Chief EDITOR: S JAFAR NAQVI
                      CONSULTING EDITOR                any a fl ower is born blush unseen, said the poet. But the thirst for knowledge is
                     T.V. SATYANARAYANAN
                                                       a major driving force that enables man to explore and enjoy more and more of
                 CHIEF COORDINATOR: M.B. NAQVI Mnature’s beauty and bounty.
                Editorial Coordinator: Syed M K   So we have two adventurous plant lovers who climbed the icy heights of the Garhwal
                                               Himalaya in search of exotic plants and fl owers. The mission of Vrinda and J Ramanan
                      Layout & Design          was to walk along the slopes of Dunagiri Peak (23,106 ft), along the waters of Nandi Kund
                        Mohd. Iqbal
                       Faiyaz Ahmad            (16,000 ft), which abounds in amazing varieties of medicinal and fl owering plants. Besides
                                               enjoying the beauty of fl owers and plants in general, their specifi c aim was to look for two
                        Head Offi ce            fl owers and plants they have heard of – the rare Phem Kamal, which Ayurvedic experts
                 New Delhi: +1-11-233 /
                    110 / 2        believe the Sanjeevini herb and the Brahma Kamal, which blooms for only one night in
               E-mail:  a year. The blooming time for both, which fi nd mention in ancient texts, is the monsoon
                                               season -- July to September.
                   Other Business Offi ces
                                                  To quote their narrative published in a news daily, the duo, meandering through forests
                         Mumbai                of oak, pine and fi r, found at 8000 ft height such trees and plants as the Flame of the Forest,
                covered with orange fl owers; Eriyethrina, showing off their scarlet fl owers; pink, white and
                                               purple Bahuniya, besides the white blossoms of the Elephant Apple Tree.
                          Pune                    After a sharp shower brought by monsoon clouds, there appeared Dandelions, balsams,
                  the Himalayan Blue Poppies, red, white and pink Potentillas. Above 100,000 ft, there were
                                               perennial marsh marigold near streams formed by melted snow.
                         Chennai                  Then on, Rhododendrons of different types wearing clusters of fl owers of varied colours,
          the dwarf variety of Anthopogon, the blooms of Primulas, Iris, and Himalayan orchids and
                                               many more provided a treat to the eyes.
                  Admn. & Marketing Offi ce        It was at an altitude of 14,000 ft, on a rocky slope, near a mountain stream that the eyes
                   MEDIA TODAY PVT. LTD.       of the two explorers fell on the Brahma Kamal (Sausserea Obvalatta), an orchid cactus. It
              J-73, Paryavaran Complex, Neb Sarai,   has light yellowish green bracts with purple fl ower heads within. After negotiating a tough
              IGNOU Road, New Delhi-11008, India  route on a slope at 16,000ft, theysaw a globular mass of fi ne hair, resembling cotton wool,
                   Phone : 1-11-233 /
                    110 / 2        blending with the terrain. This was Phen Kamal (Sausserea Gossypiphora), believed to be
               E-mail:  the Sanjivini of the Ramayana fame.
                   Web. :       It may be appropriate to recollect here that years ago, it was a mountaineering expedition
                                               that led to the discovery of Valley of Flowers -- nestled in Uttarakhand in the West Himalayas
                       Subscription            and  forming  a  core  zone  of  Nanda  Devi  Biosphere  Reserve.  Historically  the  place  was
              India : 1 Year Rs. 1000/- by Normal Post  virtually unknown to the world until early 1930’s when three British mountaineers went
                        Rs. 1300/- by Courier
                2 Years Rs. 180/- by Normal Post  to that area after losing their way. They happened to discover this enchanting valley which
                        Rs. 20/- by Courier  they named as the Valley of Flowers. Later in 1939, the Royal Botanical Gardens deputed
                   Overseas:   US$ 120 for 1 Year                                Joan Margaret Leggie to study the fl owers in the Valley. She lost her life there by slipping
                          US$ 230 for 2 Years   from a rocky terrain. Later her sister came there and built a memorial near that spot.
                      Single Copy  in India : Rs. 100/-
                   Single Copy Cost for Overseas : US$10  Declared as the National Park in 1982, the Valley is a world heritage site as well. It has
                        (Add 5% GST)           become a big attraction to mountain-loving tourists and trekkers. One of the most beautiful
                                               Himalayan fl owers, the blue Primula can be seen blooming in thousands in the Valley, the
            Printed, published and owned by M.B. Naqvi,  best time to visit being July and, August, although the place is open to general tourists from
                 Printed at Everest Press, E-/8,  June I to the fi rst week of October. The place abounds in charming meadows of Alpine
                     Okhla Industrial Area     fl owers,  running  streams  and  cascading  waterfalls.  Among  the  major  tourist  attractions
                 Ph-II, New Delhi - 110 020 and
              Published from E-11/7 A, New Colony,   there is the Pushpawati river bed which turns pink when hordes of beautiful Epilobium
                   Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar,   Latifolium fl owers appear in full bloom.
                   New Delhi-110017 (INDIA)       All these and many more of this kind, known and unknown, are Nature’s own unique
                                               Flower Shows, unmatched for their beauty.
                    Editor : S. Jafar Naqvi
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