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            8   EDITORIAL                                           50  Sri Satyanarayana Nursery Gardens
                                                                    54  Setting New Standard in Export Quality
            v ACHIEVEMENT

                                                                    60  Innovating the latest trends

            12  Bhagyashree Patil:
                Wins  Indian  AgriBusiness  ExcellenceAwards  for   42  Horticulture Research in North East Region Highlights
                Women Empowerment                                       of Work in Flower Plants
                                                                        – Extracts from Annual Report (2016-17)
            v SOILLESS CULTURE                                          Central Institute of Horticulture in Dimapur, Nagaland
            14  Soilless culture in Floriculture
                — S. Karthikeyan, M. Jawaharlal                     v ORCHIDS
                                                                    38  Commercialization of Cymbidiums
            v RESEARCH                                                  in North Eastern States of India
            20  Plant Tissue Culture Industry in India                  — D. R. Singh and Ram Pal
                Status and Entrepreneurial Avenues
                — Sanjay Kumar Singh, Anand Kumar Singh, Jai Prakash  v  Nursery Business
                                                                    52  Satyadeva Nursery
            30  Genetically Engineer Bloom of Remarkable                A Brand for quality & best for service
                Color World’s First Blue Chrysanthemum
                — Elizabeth Pennisi                                 v NEWS
                                                                    63  Tupperware Enables Hydroponics in Space
            v COMPANY PROFILE                                       63  Commercial Greenhouse Improvements
                                                                        for Best Value Return
                                                                    66  Mexican Firm Buys 80% of Netafi m for $1.5b
            34  Everything for Gardening

            8  Floriculture Today  September 2017
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