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                      Layout & Design                ommercial  flower  production  is  making  steady  progress  in  India.  According  to
                        Mohd. Iqbal                  Agriculture Ministry’s latest estimates, India produced 2.24 million tonnes of flowers
                       Faiyaz Ahmad
                                               Cin 2016-17, as against 2.18 million tonnes in the previous year. The country produces
                        Head Office            both cut flowers, which have high export potential, and loose flowers.
                 New Delhi: +1-11-233 /     As  an  allied  sector,  the  nursery  industry  is  on  an  expanding  spree.  The  demand  for
                    110 / 2
               E-mail:  quality planting material is on the rise, notably from urban areas where a welcome growing
                                               trend is to have gardens and landscaping that lend aesthetic charm and help fight pollution.
                   Other Business Offices      Researchers say that trees can absorb significant amount of carbon dioxide, particulate matter
                         Mumbai                and  other  pollutants  from  the  atmosphere  and  release  oxygen  through  photosynthesis.
                        702033             Trees and plants, therefore, have a big role to play in improving the air quality in cities and
                                               towns and mitigating the potential health hazards of people. The variety ecosystem services
                          Pune                 that  trees  and  plants  provide  in  urban  areas  include  biodiversity  conservation,  oxygen
                        113737             generation, mitigation of urban heat island effects, microclimate regulation, stabilization of
                                               soil, groundwater recharge, prevention of soil erosion and so on.
                         Chennai                  No wonder, gardens and parks coming up in many cities and towns and residential
                        1130277             complexes are taking special interest in creating and maintaining small parks by planting
                                               trees and flowering plants. Since space is a constraint in urban areas, the concept of green
                                               walls and vertical gardens – that is, growing of selected plants on the vertical surfaces of
                  Admn. & Marketing Office
                   MEDIA TODAY PVT. LTD.       buildings like a wall or a façade – is fast catching up.
              J-73, Paryavaran Complex, Neb Sarai,   Simultaneously, horticulture departments in various states are giving a facelift to old
              IGNOU Road, New Delhi-1100, India  gardens.  A  news  report  says,  for  instance,  that  Karnataka  government  is  developing  a
                   Phone : 1-11-233 /    beautiful	Horticulurure	Garden	in	the	hill	station	of	Udhagamandalam	or	Ooty	in	Tamil
                    110 / 2
               E-mail:  Nadu. Karnataka’s Horticulture Minister said, “It is Karnataka’s gift to Ooty,” situated in
                   Web. :    the fascinating Nilgiris. The site that is being developed was earlier a 40-acre garden of
                                               erstwhile Mysore Maharaja and it was part of his summer palace. Later he decided to gift it
                       Subscription            to Karnataka government. For some years, part of this garden was being used by the state
              India : 1 Year Rs. 1000/- by Normal Post  government to grow seed potato, which was being supplied to farmers in places like Kolar,
                        Rs. 1300/- by Courier   Hassan and Tumkur.
                2 Years Rs. 10/- by Normal Post
                        Rs. 20/- by Courier     The  Horticulture  Department  of  Karnataka  is  now  developing  the  whole  area  into  a
                   Overseas:   US$ 120 for 1 Year                                beautiful “Mini Lalbagh.” The first phase of the project, covering 25 acres, has already been
                          US$ 230 for 2 Years   completed at a cost of Rs. 10 crore.
                      Single Copy  in India : Rs. 100/-  To be inaugurated soon by Karnataka Chief Minister Siddharamaiah, the garden has
                   Single Copy Cost for Overseas : US$10
                        (Add 5% GST)           been named “Siri Horticulture Garden,” located at the picturesque Fero Hill. It now has
                                               lakes with beautiful swans sporting in the clear waters, meandering footpaths leading to a
            Printed, published and owned by M.B. Naqvi,  ‘Nilgiri sheep forest’, hillocks and valleys. . Botanists have worked hard to plant a variety
                Printed at Everest Press, E-/,  of trees, shrubs and flowering plants like begonia, Princess lilies, Fuchsia and orchids. Lal
                     Okhla Industrial Area     Bagh’s	Joint	Director	of	Horticulture	said	there	are	plans	to	build	a	topiary	garden	and	an
                 Ph-II, New Delhi - 110 020 and  Italian garden in the second phase. There would also be a glass house, hanging bridges and
              Published from E-11/7 A, New Colony,
                   Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar,   artistically-designed fountains.
                   New Delhi-110017 (INDIA)       This would be an additional attraction to garden tourists coming to Ooty, where the
                                               Government Botanical Gardens are already a big draw.
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