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                  Chief Editor: S Jafar Naqvi
                      Consulting Editor
                     T.v. SaTyaNarayaNaN          t is unfortunate that Delhi, which prides itself in having many gardens, flowering trees
                                                  and flower plants decorating homes and public places, has got the dubious distinction of
                 ChiEf Coordinator: M.B. Naqvi
                                               Ibeing	one	of	the	leading	cities	in	the	world	where	air	pollution	has	hit	dangerous	levels.
                Editorial Coordinator: Syed M K  The	high	levels	of	pollution	this	year	in	Delhi	led	to	temporary	closure	of	many	schools,
                                               disruption	of	a	cricket	test	between	India	and	Sri	Lanka	and	use	of	masks	by	panic-stricken
                      Layout & Design          men,	women	and	children.	Nurseries	made	brisk	business	selling	indoor	plants	having	air-
                        Mohd. Iqbal
                       Faiyaz Ahmad            purifying	qualities.
                                                  The	particle	matter	in	the	capital	city’s	air	comes	mainly	from	vehicles,	factories,	biomass
                        Head Office            combustion	and	construction	dust.	The	problem	gets	more	acute	after	Kharif	harvest	when
                 New Delhi: +1-11-233 /   paddy  farmers  in  states  around  Delhi  burn  the  crop  residues  to  get  the  fields  ready  for
                    110 / 2
               E-mail:  Rabi	sowing.	Agriculturally	advanced	Punjab	and	Haryana	alone	generate	an	estimated	30
                                               million	tonnes	of	crop	residue.
                   Other Business Offices         Delhi	has	one	more	serious	problem	–	tonnes	and	tonnes	of	garbage	accumulated	on
                         Mumbai                the	roadside	in	many	areas,	posing,	as	it	were,	an	open	challenge	to	the	“Swachh	Bharat”
                        02033             programme	launched	by	Prime	Minister	Narendra	Modi.	In	the	rainy	season	the	problem
                gets	worse,	causing	a	major	health	hazard,	leading	to	diseases	like	malaria	and	dengue	and
                                               what	not.
                        881133                A	 recent	 study	 by	 IIT,	 Kanpur	 showed	 that	 industries	 and	 power	 plants	 contribute
                  maximum	amount	of	poisonous	gases	and	particles	to	Delhi’s	air.	The	city	has	two	power
                                               plants	at	Rajghat	and	Badarpur,	and	about	20	big	industries	which	contribute	the	lion’s
                         Chennai               share	of	toxic	gases	and	particles,	mainly	Sulphur	dioxide	(SO	2)	and	Nitrogen	oxide	(NOx),
          emitted	every	day.	These	power	plants,	big	industries	and	other	industrial	clusters,	along
                                               with	restaurants	and	diesel	generators,	account	for	almost	98	per	cent	of	the	142	tonnes	of
                                               SO2	and	60	per	cent	of	the	312	tonnes	of	NOx	emitted	in	Delhi	every	day.
                  Admn. & Marketing Office
                   MEDIA TODAY PVT. LTD.          Medical	studies	show	that	breathing	SO2	or	NOx	for	short	periods	can	cause	adverse
              J-3, Paryavaran Complex, Neb Sarai,   respiratory effects, while other pollutants harm health by forming sulphate or nitrate fine
              IGNOU Road, New Delhi-11008, India  particles	that	choke	airways	to	lungs.
                   Phone : 1-11-233 /       Government	has	taken	some	short	term	measures	to	check	pollution,	but	what	is	needed
                    110 / 2        is	immediate	initiation	of	long	term	measures.	There	are	industrial	units	that	use	low	quality
               E-mail:  fuels,	including	furnace	oil,	in	violation	of	fuel	norms.	Then	there	are	restaurants	which	use
                   Web. :
                                               coal	for	their	Tandoors,	instead	of	shifting	to	electric	or	gas-	based	appliances.
                                                  To	check	the	pollution	caused	by	crop	residue	burning,	a	Chandigarh-	based	company
                       Subscription            has	come	out	with	a	technological	solution	to	convert	agri	waste	into	manure	and	CNG.
              India : 1 Year Rs. 1000/- by Normal Post
                        Rs. 1300/- by Courier   The	technology	has	been	perfected	with	the	cooperation	of	researchers	at	IIT,	Delhi.	Similar
                2 Years Rs. 180/- by Normal Post  attempts	need	to	be	encouraged	in	a	big	way	and	put	into	operation.
                        Rs. 20/- by Courier     For	solving	the	problem	of	waste	disposal,	Delhi,	or	for	that	matter	all	cities	and	towns,
                   Overseas:   US$ 120 for 1 Year                                could	follow	the	model	followed	by	the	picturesque	town	of	Alappuzha	in	Kerala.	This	town,
                          US$ 230 for 2 Years   famous	for	its	canals,	has	received	kudos	from	the	United	Nations	Environment	Programme
                      Single Copy  in India : Rs. 100/-  (UNEP),	for	being	a	global	success	story	in	solving	the	problem	of	solid	waste.	UNEP	has
                   Single Copy Cost for Overseas : US$10
                        (Add 5% GST)           identified five cities around the world which have successfully tackled the problem of sol
                                               waste,	 and	 they	 are	 Osaka	 (Japan),	 Ljubljana	 (Slovenia),	 Penang	 (Malaysia)	 and	 Cajica
                                               (Columbia),	besides	Kerala’s	Alappuzha.
            Printed, published and owned by M.B. Naqvi,
                Printed at Everest Press, E-/8,  A  few  years  ago  Alappuzha’s  roads  and  canals  were  filled  with  stinking  garbage,
                     Okhla Industrial Area     threatening	 the	 town’s	 status	 as	 a	 tourist	 destination.	 It	 then	 decided
                 Ph-II, New Delhi - 110 020 and  to	 introduce	 a	 de-centralised	 waste	 management	 system	 under	 which	  Media
              Published from E-11/ A, New Colony,   biodegradable	waste	is	segregated	at	the	ward	level	and	treated	  Today Group
                   Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar,   in	 many	 composting	 plants.	 This	 generates	 biogas	 for	 cooking.	  wishes you
                   New Delhi-11001 (INDIA)                                                                all a Happy
                                               The	Alappuzha	municipality	was	one	of	civic	bodies	that	won	the	  New Year
                                               ‘Clean	City	Award”	from	the	Centre	for	Science	and	Environment	in	2016.
                    Editor : S. Jafar Naqvi
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