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        2016	 has	 attained	 a	 size	 worth	 Rs	 9,000	  parts	of	the	country	apart	from	overseas	  Agricultural	 &	 Processed	 Food	 Products
        Crore	 accounting	 for	 1.2%	 of	 overall	  visitors	from	Dubai,	Sri	Lanka	and	China.	  Export	Development	Authority	(APEDA),
        horticulture	 production	 in	 the	 country.	  More	than	150	companies	participated	in	  Indian	 Nurserymen	 Association	 (INA),
        The	 industry	 is	 growing	 at	 a	 CAGR	 of	  the	 expo	 and	 displayed	 varied	 class	 of	  Association	of	Environment	Horticulture,
        25% during the last five years.  Production   flowers and plants.          Indian	 Flowers	 &	 Ornamental	 Plant
        has	reached	2.23	MTs	in	2016	with	loose	  This	 expo	 thus	 provided	 a	 great	  Welfare	Association	(iFlora),		and	Indian
        flowers  accounting  for  69%  share.    In   opportunity	 for	 generating	 leads	 and	  Society	 of	 Floriculture	 Professionals
        India flowers are used on every occasion   converting	 them	 into	 actual	 business.	 It	  (ISFP)		.
        ranging	from	birth	to	religious	festivities,	  helped	 stakeholders	 in	 networking	 and
        offering	 worship,	 marriages,	 functions,	  making	 new	 business	 connections.	 	 The	  looking ahead
        ceremonies	etc.	The	country	has	exported	  expo	 showcased	 and	 demonstrated	 the	  The	13 	International	Flora	Expo	2018
        22,000 MT of floriculture products worth   industry’s	latest	products	and	services.  aims	 at	 further	 strengthening	 the	 trade
        of	Rs.	547	crore	($	82	m)	in	2016-17.	Major	                               bonds	with	newer	business	opportunities
        export	 destinations	 were	 United	 States,	  Support to the Expo          and	exploring	the	hitherto	untapped	areas
        Germany,	United	Kingdom,	Netherlands	   The	 event	 series	 	 has	 been	 duly	  both	 in	 terms	 of	 range	 of,	 products	 and
        and	United	Arab	Emirates	etc.        supported	by	the	Ministry	of	Agriculture	  markets.	 The	 concurrent	 event,	 the	 12
           With increasing affluence particularly   and	its	departments,	Mission	for	Integrated	  International	 Landscape	 and	 Gardening
        in	 the	 large	 middle	 class	 segment,	 India	  Development	 of	 Horticulture	 (MIDH),	  Expo 2018 adds further flavor to the entire
        has	been	imported	substantial	quantities	  National	 Horticulture	 Board,	 National	  gamut	of	landscape	&	green	industry.
        of flowers and during 2016-17 5,500 MTs   Committee	on	Plasticulture	Applications	  The	attraction	at	this	year’s	event	will
        worth	Rs	132	Cr	($	20	m)	were	imported.	  in	 Horticulture,	 National	 Center	 for	  be	the	launching	of	Indian	Flower	&	Plant
        This is a reflection of the vast opportunities   Cold-Chain	  Development	  (NCCD),	  Industry	 Excellence	 Awards	 in	 order	 to
        in	the	sector.                       Ministry	 of	 Food	 Processing	 Industries,	  recognize	 and	 bring	 to	 the	 forefront	 the
           	                                                                       innovative	efforts	of	people	agencies	and
        a Glance into the previous edition         th                              organizations  engaged  in  floriculture
           12 	  International	  Flora	  Expo	   13  International Flora expo      and	 landscaping	 industry.	 	 The	 Award
        2017	 witnessed	 a	 large	 congregation	   2018 will be an ultimate        function	 is	 planned	 to	 be	 held	 at	 Hotel
        of  floriculture  experts  and  business                                   Orchid,	 Pune	 in	 the	 evening	 of	 23
        interests	 from	 many	 countries	 e.g.	 The	  platform to spread out       February	2018.	  	   	      n
        Netherlands,	 Japan,	 UAE,	 South	 East
        Asian	 and	 Arabian	 countries.	 The	 expo	  commerce into new markets.                         For more details,
        also	saw	a	swarm	of	visitors	from	various	                                               visit:
                                                    Concurrently, the 12
                                                 International Landscape and

                                                  Gardening expo 2018 will
                                                  serve the entire landscape

                                                 & green industry and trade


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