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                                                 8	  Editorial

                                                 v CovEr Story

              10                                 10	 13 	International	Flora	Expo	2018
                                                 	   at	Pune	a	Boon	for	Indian	Floriculture	Industry
                                                 v  EvEnt rEport

                                                 14	 Europe’s	Second	Biggest	Trading	Platform	for	Plants	and	Flowers
                                                 	   Report by M B Naqvi
                                                 v  plantationS
                                                 22	 Green	Belt	Design	Future
                                                 	   —	Babita Singh, S. S. Sindhu, Harendra Yadav & N. K. Saxena

                                                 v  ornaMEntalS
                                                 32	 Invasive	Alien	Species	of	Ornamental	Horticulture	in	India
                                                 	   —	Raghupathi B, Manaswita Sil, Amit Lohar, Sweta Kumari

                                                 v dry FloWEr
                                                 36	 Statice:	An	Outstanding	Plant	in	Dry	Flower	Industry		—	Dr. Deepti Singh

                                                 v ManaGEMEnt
                                                 42	 Giant	African	Snail,	Achatina fulica:
                                                 	   Biology,	Damage	Potential	&	Its	Eco-friendly	Management
                                                 	   Under	Floriculture	Ecosystem
                                                 	   —	Jaydeep Halder and Moulita Chatterjee
                                                 v  B2B MEEtinG
                                                 44	 A	Delegation	of	Floriculture	Association	Nepal	(FAN)	Visits	India
                                                 	   for	B2B	Meetings	on	Floriculture,	Landscaping	and	Nursery

                                                 v  CHEMiCal MarKEt
                                                 46	 Befriending	the	Dragon	-
                                                 	   Opportunities	in	the	Chinese	Specialty	Chemicals	market
                                                 	   —	Viejay Bhatia

                                                 v  oBituary
                                                 48	 Padma	Shri	Dr.	Manmohan	Attavar
                                                 	   Chairman,	Indo-American	Hybrid	Seeds	(India)	Pvt.	Ltd.

                                                 51	 Carnations:	“Moving	Away	from	Traditional	Colors”
                                                 51	 Canada:	“Traditional	Poinsettia	Remains	the	Best	Seller”
                                                 52	 Ethiopian	Hypericum	Farm	Adapts	to	Changing	Climate
                                                 54	 US	(NJ):	Student,	teacher	research	hydroponics	in	India
                                                 54  India, Israel to open centre for floriculture in Tamil Nadu
              52                                 54	 India:	International	cargo	terminal	takes	off	at	Madurai	airport

            8  Floriculture Today  January 2018
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