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            Valentine’s Day:

            Blooming Season 2018

                                                                                                        —	sudeepa Ghosh
                  alentine’s  Day,  celebrated  on   have increased robustly in India, especially   Pune  District  in  Maval  Taluka,  which
                  February 14, is acknowledged as a   in	the	metros	and	larger	cities.	  is  the  Hub  of  country’s  export  oriented
            Vsignificant cultural and commercial    Valentine’s   Day   florists   and   floriculture  industry  since  last  two  and
            celebration	 in	 many	 regions	 around	 the	  horticulture  experts  anticipated  huge   half	decades.
            world.  Flower  trends  undoubtedly  get   sales. This year flower growers expected   The  growers  from  Pune  Region
            influenced  by  the  changing  design  and   to export 15% more than the last year. Last   expected  to  export  around  6-8  million
            colour  trends.  Along  with  Rose,  other   year total exports from India during the   flower during the valentine.
            popular types of Valentine’s Day flowers   February  month  was  US$  3m  (Rs.20  Cr   The  International  Flower  Auction
            include  Long-Stemmed  Roses,  Purple   approx.), this year growers hoped to reach   Bangalore  (IFAB)  also  conducts  auctions
            Orchids,  Sunflowers,  Stargazer  Lilies,   a figure of US$ 3.3 m, looking at the pace   for  flowers  grown  not  just  in  Bengaluru
            Red  Tulips,  Purple  and  Yellow  Irises,   of exports.                   but  also  in  other  floriculture  hubs  like
            Carnations,  Alstroemeria,  Pink  Peonies,                                 Pune.  Here,  roses,  carnations,  gerberas,
            White Daisies, Chrysanthemums, etc.  trade                                 gladiolis  and  orchids  vie  for  attention,
                                                    Flowers  are  big  business.  Exports   with the gerbera being almost as popular
            Expectations                         remained the key motivator for cultivators.   as  the  rose.  Going  by  IFAB  figures,  the
               If roses are an ode to love, what more   Modernization  and  growing  western   market  is  expanding  steadily.  The  lack
            desirable  time  is  for  the  sweet  vividly   cultural  influences  drove  consumers  to   of cold-storage chains is one of the major
            colored blossoms to bloom than February,   buy  flowers.  The  exports  were  mainly   reasons  for  floriculture  not  taking  off
            the  month  of  love?  This  year  Indian   anticipated from two major Airports, i.e.,   as  well  as  it  could.  The  absence  of  an
            Growers  expected  a  big  leap  in  flower   Mumbai  and  Bangalore,  where  Mumbai   extensive  cold  storage  network  meant
            exports during the valentine season. The   accounted  for  more  than  60%  of  the   to  have  a  short  shelf-life,  with  growers
            season is supposed to be a very beneficial   shipments during the valentine. The major   spending	 more	 money	 on	 reaching	 the
            one.  The  domestic  demands  for  flowers   growing of export quality flowers is from   produce to markets on time.

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