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                                                   ndia’s flower exporters and florists, as also courier companies, did good business on
                Editorial Coordinator: Syed M K    Valentine’s Day this year. Orders were plenty, a little more a than last year, although

                      Layout & Design           Ithe celebrations in Delhi and some other cities were comparatively a quiet affair, since
                        Mohd. Iqbal             those celebrating the day probably did not want to fuel the anger of some right wing
                       Faiyaz Ahmad             groups opposed to such a festivity on the ground that it is not in conformity with Indian
                                                culture. In recent past, there were occasions when volunteers belonging to these groups
                        Head Office
                 New Delhi: +91-11-299 /   had turned violent, targeting the V-Day enthusiasts and venues.
                    1910 / 2            In  some  countries  abroad,  the  enthusiasm  was  subdued  for  another  reason.  Ash
               E-mail:  Wednesday and V-Day shared the same date this year. Ash Wednesday marks the start
                                                of Lent season, which is a solemn time for prayers for many devout Christians, especially
                   Other Business Offices
                                                those belonging to Catholic Church. “Observing Lent and celebrating V-day do not mesh
                         Mumbai                 well,” said a Christian priest.
                    All the same, there was no dearth of V-Day enthusiasts across the world, celebrating
                                                love,  affection  and  friendship.  Well  ahead  of  the  day,  flower  growers  in  Pune  and
                          Pune                  Bengaluru  regions,  major  growers  of  export  variety  roses,  had  started  shipping  their
                        988119              consignments to various destinations. The demand was high for top varieties like Taj
                                                Mahal, Grand Gala and First Red. Officials of Indian Society of Floriculture Professionals
                         Chennai                (ISFP) expected exports to exceed last year’s level by 10 to 15 percent.
                        991102                 The majority of shipments from Pune were to UK, accounting for more than 35 per
                                                cent of Indian flower exports, followed by Australia, at 19 per cent and Japan 18 per cent.
                                                Growers were getting many special orders for V-Day from Singapore, Malaysia, Lebanon
                  Admn. & Marketing Office      and Saudi Arabia, among others, said President of ISFP Praveen Sharma. In February
                   MEDIA TODAY PVT. LTD.
              J-, Paryavaran Complex, Neb Sarai,   last year, he said, total exports, in value terms, from India, were estimated at $ 3 million,
              IGNOU Road, New Delhi-11008, India  whereas this year, the exports were expected to cross $ 3.3 million. Aided by reasonably
                   Phone : 91-11-299 /     good winter this time, the quality of roses produced in Pune region has been very good,
                    1910 / 2         said Sharma. Some of the roses are premium varieties, with 6 cm bud size and extra long
               E-mail:  stems.
                   Web. :
                                                   In and around Bengaluru, which has about 125 rose growers producing the much
                                                sought-after varieties, the expectation was that for this year’s V-Day, almost six million
                       Subscription             stems would be exported to European and the Gulf countries, besides Australia, New
              India : 1 Year Rs. 1000/- by Normal Post
                        Rs. 100/- by Courier   Zealand,  Singapore,  Malaysia,  Bangladesh  and  Sri  Lanka.  President  of  South  India
                2 Years Rs. 180/- by Normal Post  Floriculture Association (SIFA) Ramakrishna Karuturi said besides exports, the demand
                        Rs. 20/- by Courier   for flowers on V-Day is growing stronger in the domestic market as well.
                   Overseas:   US$ 120 for 1 Year                                V-Day apart, Karuturi pointed out, February is the month which the growers avidly
                          US$ 20 for 2 Years   look forward to, what with events like Chinese New Year and International Women’s
                      Single Copy  in India : Rs. 100/-
                   Single Copy Cost for Overseas : US$10  Day also coming in this month, besides V-Day. Bangaluru roses were stated to be selling
                        (Add 5% GST)            at 30 Euro cents per stem in the European market this year and price was expected to go
                                                up to 50 Euro cents per stem as the V-Day was drawing near.
                 Printed, published and owned by   According to SIFA’ secretary Jayaprakash Rao, many growers now prefer to grow
                 Syed Mohammad Baqar Naqvi,     Taj Mahal variety because of its a good bud size, long stem and superior shelf life. A
                 Printed at Sonu Printer, B-180,  new variety –Rhodes –is now undergoing trials in Bengaluru region. The bud size of this
                     Okhla Industrial Area      variety is even bigger than that of Taj Mahal..
                 Ph-I, New Delhi - 110 020, and
                 Published from A-, 1  Floor,    Reports on V-day celebrations in the United States showed that this time the demand
                   Freedom Fighter Enclave,     for roses exceeded all expectations. According to a statement by UPS courier service, it
                        Neb Sarai,              expected to deliver 88 million flowers on this day.
                   New Delhi-11008 (INDIA)
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