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            8	  EdIToRIAL
                                                                    10  CovER SToRy

                                                                    v	 Exhibitors Impressed by

                                                                      Booming Business

                                                                    	   Trade	Visitors	across	South	Asia
                                                                    	   come	with	large	orders

                                                                    32	 AwARdS
                                                                    	 Flower & Plant Industry

                                                                      Leaders Felicitated

            19	 GLIMPSES                                            NEwS
                                                                    62	 Landscape	Under	Drought	Conditions	in	Pakistan
            28	 GMA MEET
            	   Greenhouse	Manufacturers                            64	 Manipur	Farmers	Evince	Keen	Interest	in
            	   Association	–	Meeting                               	   Export	Marketing	of	Orchids	From	the	State
                                                                    66	 “Winter	of	Discontent	For	Indian	Flower	Farmers”
            48	 SEMINAR
            	   Thrust	Shifted	Towards	Hi-tech	Protected	Cultivation	  66	 Flower	Market	Booms	in	March
                of	Vegetables	and	Flowers	                          68	 Why	the	Conservation	of	Orchids	is
            	   —	Vinod Kumaar Kaul, Editorial Coordinator          	   No	Simple	Matter
            52	 NuRSERy BuSINESS                                    68	 When	an	MBA	Graduate	and	a	CA	Joined	Hands
            	   Satyadeva Nursery                                   	   to	Make	A	Business	out	of	Selling	Flowers
            	   A	brand	for	quality	&	best	service                  69	 Floriculture	Making
            54	 BoNSAI                                              	   Strides	in	Nagaland
            	   “Bonsai	–	An	Ancient	Art”                           69	 Fresh	Varieties	of
            	   —	Jergin J.I                                        	   Tulips	can	be
            59	 FLowER MARkET                                       	   in	Tourism
            	   Ghazipur	to	have	Dedicated
            	   Multi-Storeyed	Flower	Market                        71	 “Rise	of	the
                                                                    	   Golden	Empire”
            60	 PRoFILE
            	   A	journey	from	the	age	of	bullock	carts	to	internet

            8  Floriculture Today  April 2018
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