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            Nepal promotes CommerCial

            Flower produCtioN & sales

            Floral Business for Cleaner Environment

            and Economic Growth

                                                                                                         —	Sudeepa Ghosh

                   epal’s	   Minister	  sales	recording	double	digit.  through	Floriculture”.   not	discussed	much	about	the
                   of	     Agriculture	    Held	 at	 the	 delightfully	  Minister	 Khanal	 stressed	  field  of  floriculture,  I  believe
            NDevelopment,	 Land	        decorated	  Brikutimandap	  on the need of Nepali florists   it	 is	 important	 to	 introduce
            Management	and	Cooperative	  Exhibition	 Hall,	 the	 four-  and  flower  entrepreneurs  to   a	  package	  to	  maximize
            Chakrapani	       Khanal	   day	 expo,	 organized	 by	  learn	from	other	nations	such	  production	and	give	access	to
            inaugurated	 in	 Kathmandu	  Floriculture	 Association	 of	  as	 the	 Netherlands	 where	  these	products	to	national	and
            the	 21 	 Flora	 Expo	 2018	 that	  Nepal	 (FAN)	 chose	 as	 its	  tulip	 farms	 alone	 contribute	  international	markets.”
            highlighted	  the	  country’s	  theme	 “Clean	 Environment	  massively	 in	 country’s	 GDP.	  Floriculture,	 he	 said,	 is
            surging  flower  power,  with   and	  Economic	  Prosperity	  He	stated,	“Although	we	have	  a  field  with  great  potential

            10  Floriculture Today  May 2018
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