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            8	  Editorial

            v	 covEr StorY                                          v  watEr landScapE
                                                                    16	 Creating	Beautiful	Urban	Open	Spaces
                                                                    	   water landscapes - interaction with
            10	 nepal promotes commercial                               the beauty of water
                Flower production & Sales                           	   —	Sudeepa Ghosh
            	   Floral	Business	for	Cleaner	Environment
            	   and	Economic	Growth		    —	Sudeepa Ghosh

            v  intErviEw                                            v  FlowEr buSinESS
            14	 “Nepal	Needs	Skilled	Manpower                       36	 Floriculture	Business	in	Nepal	Booms	alongside
            	   to	Make	at	Floriculture	Hub”                        	   Rapid	Urbanisation		     —	Naresh Neupane
            	   —	Biraj Khadka
                                                                    v  watEr ManaGEMEnt
            v  drY FarMinG                                          38	 Rameshwar	Dayal-	Role	model	farmer	for
            22	 Red	Sander-                                         	   horticulture	in	water	Scarce	Areas!!!
            	   A	Versatile	Tree	For	Dry	Land	Farming
            	   —	Dr. M.S.Patil, Dr. C.D. Badgujar                  v  GrEEninG
                and Dr. V.M. Amrutsagar                             39	 Managing	Trees	in	Developmental	Projects
                                                                    	   —	Vaibhav Raje
            v  Shrub
            26	 Kaner:	a Shrub with Multiple utility                v  acQuiSition
            	   —	Dr. Deepti Singh                                  42	 Equistone-backed	GALA	Kerzen	acquires
                                                                    	   majority	stake	in	Ramesh	Flowers
            v  GliMpSES
                                                                    v  nurSErYMEn

            28	 Photo	Report
                                                                    45	 MNA	-	New	Faces	to	Promote	its	Green	Business
            v  MicronutriEntS
            33	 Balanced	Usage	of	Micronutrients	a                  v  chEMical induStrY
            	   ‘Must’	to	improve	Farm	Productivity

            v  ornaMEntalS                                          46	 Are	M&As	Shaping	the	New	Road	Map
            34	 Role	of	Ornamental	Plants	in	Improving	Environment  	   for	Chemical	Industry?	  —	Viejay Bhatia
            	   —	Jagreeti Gupta and RK Dubey                       48   nEwS

              Floriculture Today  May 2018
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