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                  Chief Editor: S Jafar Naqvi
                      Consulting Editor
                     T.v. SaTyaNarayaNaN
                                                    ests	and	diseases	pose	a	major	worry	for	any	farmer,	whether	he	cultivates	food	crops,
                 ChiEf Coordinator: M.B. Naqvi
                                                    or any other, including flower crops, for which the demand is constantly on the rise the
                Editorial Coordinator: Syed M K  Pworld	over.	Flowers	are	sold	throughout	the	year,	the	peak	periods	being	occasions
                                               like	New	Year,	Valentine’s	Day,	Mother’s	Day,	and	so	on		For	the	domestic	markets,	the
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                        Mohd. Iqbal            occasions	are	many	more.		Europe	and	North	America	remain	the	main	export	markers	for
                       Faiyaz Ahmad            cut flowers produced in Africa, India, Israel and Latin America.
                                                  In	Europe,	traditionally	the	Netherlands	and	Belgium	top	among	the	countries	where
                        Head Office            cut flowers are grown intensively in green houses. Green house cultivation of flowers is also
                 New Delhi: +91-11-299 /   popular	in	Britain.
                    1910 / 2
               E-mail:  As in any other intensive culture, flowers require application of a wide range of pesticides
                                               to	control	pests	and	diseases,	which	can	damage	both	the	quality	and	the	quantity	of	the
                   Other Business Offices      produce. Export markets like Europe have stringent regulations laid down for flowers and
                         Mumbai                plants entering their territory to keep entry of pests and diseases at bay.  As a result, flowers
                        9029099             meant	for	these	markets	get	heavy	pesticide	treatment	before	shipment.
                   Unfortunately,	however,	in	various	exporting	countries,	the	regulations	have	not	been
                                               that	strict	on	handling	and	treatment	of	pesticides,	thereby	leaving	high	levels	of	pesticide
                        988119             residues	on	the	produce.	Health	problems	are	reported	all	over	the	world	for	workers	and
                  professionals exposed to pesticides daily. Florists everywhere, handling    flowers daily, are
                                               also	subjected	to	health	problems.
                         Chennai                  The	 United	 Nations	 Environment	 Program	 (UNEP)	 	 estimates	 that	 	 the	 world	 over
          approximately	20,000	workers	die	every	year	because	of	pesticide	poisoning,		after	direct	or
                                               indirect	exposure.
                                                  A  study  done  in  Belgium  has  listed  various  health  hazards  that  florists,  particularly
                  Admn. & Marketing Office     female florists, and their children face in Colombia and other developing countries. Other
                   MEDIA TODAY PVT. LTD.
              J-, Paryavaran Complex, Neb Sarai,   research	studies	have	also	demonstrated	both	acute	and	chronic	effects	after	exposure	during
              IGNOU Road, New Delhi-11008, India  spraying or in post harvest operations, Studies have identified exposure to pesticides as a
               Phone : 91-11-2982, 299,  potential cause of prostate and testicular cancers among male floriculturists and cervical
                         2988              cancer	among	females	in	Florida.		In	Italy,	early	stage	cancers	have	been	observed	in	60	per
               E-mail:  cent of the long term workers in floriculture industry. Around the world, genetic damage has
                   Web. :    been reported in more than 71 per cent of cut flower growers.  Prevalence of reproductive
                                               problems	like	abortion,	pre-maturity	and	congenital	malformations	has	been	reported	among
                       Subscription            Colombian	workers.	In	the	Philippines,	a	study	says	that	the	most	commonly	associated
              India : 1 Year Rs. 1000/- by Normal Post  health symptoms among flower farmers are weakness and fatigue, muscle pain, blurred
                        Rs. 100/- by Courier   vision	and	headache.
                2 Years Rs. 180/- by Normal Post
                        Rs. 20/- by Courier     To assess the prevalence of pesticide contamination and the risk of florists’ exposure,  a
                   Overseas:   US$ 120 for 1 Year                                sampling analysis of 90 bouquets of the most commonly sold cut flowers in Belgium  --roses,
                          US$ 20 for 2 Years   gerberas	and	chrysanthemums	–	was	carried	out.	The	bouquets	were	collected	from	seven
                      Single Copy  in India : Rs. 100/-  largest	cities	in	Belgium.	A	total	of	107	active	substances	were	detected	from	all	the	samples,
                   Single Copy Cost for Overseas : US$10  There	was	an	average	of	about	10	active	substances	per	bouquet.	The	results	showed	that
                        (Add 5% GST)
                                               roses  were  the  most  contaminated  cut  flowers  –  an  average  of  14  active  substances  per
                 Printed, published and owned by  Now that India’s floriculture industry is growing at a fast rate, there is a need for in-
                 Syed Mohammad Baqar Naqvi,    depth studies on various aspects of pesticides use in floriculture and flower marketing in the
                 Printed at Sonu Printer, B-180,  country.		This	job	may	be	entrusted	to	scientists	of	Indian	Council	of	Agricultural	Research
                     Okhla Industrial Area
                 Ph-I, New Delhi - 110 020, and  (ICAR),	credited	with	having	done	considerable	work	in	evolving	and	propagating	new
                 Published from A-, 1  Floor,  varieties of ornamental flowers and plants. The researchers must also prepare a manual
                   Freedom Fighter Enclave,    on safe handling of pesticides for the benefit of not only all those engaged in commercial
                        Neb Sarai,             cultivation and marketing of flowers, but also those having home gardens.
                   New Delhi-11008 (INDIA)
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