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                FloriCulture Market in korea

                                       ndia was one of the participants in the 17-day   and	performances	added	more	colour	and	gaiety
                                       international	 Horticulture	 Goyang	 Korea,	  to the flower festival.
                                                                                   The  Indoor  Exhibition  had  International
            This show               ione  of  the  largest  flower  festivals  and  an   horticulture  exchange  pavilion  and  Horticulture
                                    International  Flower  Exhibition  in  South  Korea,
            opened new              organized	 by	 Goyang	 international	 Flower	  -	 Culture	 pavilion.	 The	 event	 concurrently
            prospects for           Foundation	 (GiFF)	 at	 ilsan	 Lake	 Park.	 The	  organized	 “international	 Flora	 Design	 Awards:
                                    festival, which concluded on May 13, was held in
                                                                                Flower Moments 2018” which saw the presence of
            the developing          a	metropolitan	area,	serving	as	a	model	for	local	  companies	and	associations	related	to	horticulture
                                                                                sector.	 The	 indoor	 segment	 also	 included
                                    floriculture festivals. Foreign Flower Farmers also
            local                   participated                                National	Pavilions	of	the	participating	countries.
                                       The festival took place with nearly 300 related
            horticultural           organizations,	 groups	 and	 companies	 from	  Participating	  countries	  were	  Bangladesh,
                                                                                Belgium,	 Switzerland,	 Sri	 Lanka,	 Algeria,	 iraq,
            industry, and           36  countries.  The  event  showcased  products   Estonia,	 Ethiopia,	 Singapore,	 Spain,	 United
            had been                like	 horticulture	 equipment,	 plants	 --	 indoor	  Kingdom,	 Oman,	 China,	 Ecuador,	 indonesia,
                                                                                israel,	italy,	Japan,	Kenya,	Cameroon,	Cambodia,
                                    and  outdoor  --  flowers  seeds,  plants  etc.  in  the
            acknowledged            Horticulture	&	Floriculture	industry.	New	varieties	  Canada,	Colombia,	Costa	Rica,	Thailand,	Tunisia,
                                                                                Australia,	 Hong	 Kong,	 Peru,	 Poland,	 Lebanon,
                                    of  flowers  were  exhibited  by  international  and
            as one of               local flower firms. Foreign buyers were introduced   France,	Finland,	Hungary,	Romania,	Philippines,
            the best                to local florists.                          Mongolia,	and	Brunei	among	others.
                                       The program consisted of an indoor exhibition
            exhibitions in          and	an	outdoor	garden.                      outdoor	garden
                                                                                   The  Outdoor  Exhibition  had  display  of
            Korea                   indoor	Exhibition                           amazing beautiful flowers from all over the world
                                       Indoor  garden  was  decorated  with  flower   captioned  as  “World  flower  festival”.  It  also
                                    art  pieces.  Outdoor  theme  parks,  flower   designed a “Fairy tale world: Colorful flower land”
                                    arrangement	 contests	 and	 other	 cultural	 events	  which	 included	 Alice-in-Wonderland,	 Pinocchio

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