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            v covEr	story                                           v PrE-EvEMt

            10	 gateway	to	Explore	Potential	                       38 global	 Meeting	 Place	 ...	 larger
                Floriculture	Market	in	korea                            than	Ever

            8	  Editorial                                           v  rEsEarch
                                                                    34	 in	Pursuit	of	Making	Memories	Through
            v  Marigold                                                 Lyophilization	—	Dr. Mahalakshmi V. Reddy
            14	 Purposeful	Blossom	Marigold
                                                                    42	 Scientists	Unravel	How	Nithyakalyani
            v  JasMinE                                              	   Makes	Potent	Cancer	Drug
            20	 Potential	Underutilized	Jasmine	Species
            	   —	Ganga. M., P. Ranchana,                           v grEEnEry
                M. Kannan and M. Jawaharlal                         40	 Need	a	green	thumb	boost?	Plant	day	lilies
                                                                    		  —	Peter Bowden
            20	 The	Jasmine	with	a	Gi	Tag
            	   —	Beulah Rose                                       40  April Dutch flower and plant exports to Britain fall
                                                                    	   —	Matthew Appleby
            v  EvErgrEEns
            24	 Evergreen,	Deciduous	Flowering,	Fruiting	Shrub	     v  MarkEt	rEsEarch
                -berberis	—	Dr. G. Sathish                          46	 Trends	Shaping	the	Personal	Care	industry

                                    v  lotus                        	   —	Viejay Bhatia (Director), AVA Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
                                    30  Amazing  Health  Benefits
                                        of	Lotus	Flower             v  nEws
                                    	   —	Raghupathi B, Lavanya     48	 Climate	Screens	let	Tropical	Orchids	Grow
                                        K S, Nellipalli Vinod Kumar,   	  in	Dutch	Cold
                                        Sweta Kumari                50	 High	Fashion	Orchid	&	Anthurium	Show	at
                                                                    52	 Camellia	Enjoys	Resurgence	in	Popularity
                                                                    53	 What	a	Premium	Red	can	Mean	Year	Long	...

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