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                      Layout & Design                fforts	 are	 under	 way	 to	 revamp	 and	 modernize	 the	 Ghazipur	 	 Flower	 Mandi	 	 in
                        Mohd. Iqbal                  the	National	Capital	Region	(NCR),	with	facilities	to	match	its	reputation	as	Asia’s
                       Faiyaz Ahmad            Ebiggest flower market. Improvements in the infrastructure and other facilities in this
                        Head Office            market are long overdue, considering that a volume of nearly 58,000 kg of flowers is traded
                 New Delhi: +91-11-299 /   here	daily.
                    1910 / 2           Those  trooping  into  the  market  to  do  business  include  growers,  retailers,  florists,
                                               wedding	planners	and	event	managers,	not	only	from	NCR	and	adjoining	states	but	also
                   Other Business Offices      from Maharashtra and Jammu and Kashmir.  A variety of flowers from the Netherlands,
                         Mumbai                New	Zealand,	Thailand	and	South	Africa	are	also	brought	to	the	market	to	cater	to	the	needs
                        9029099             of	elite	clientele.	The	average	annual	turnover	of	the	market	is	estimated	at	Rs.	250	crore.
                   Ever since all the wholesale flower markets in the Delhi were shifted to Ghazipur, near

                          Pune                 the	wholesale	vegetable	Mandi,	hardly	any	infrastructure	worth	the	name	was	created	for
                        988119             the growers and traders to do business. Whatever facilities later came up for the benefit of
                  stall-owners	--	that	too	in	a	haphazard	manner	--		were	mostly	created	by	the	stall	owners
                         Chennai               themselves	or	their	organizations.
                        991102                As	 of	 now,	 the	 overall	 condition	 is	 pathetic.	 There	 is	 no	 proper	 parking	 place	 for
          customers;	the	stalls	or	sheds	doing	business	look	shabby;	the	narrow	by-lanes	inside	are
                                               overcrowded.	As	for	the	area	near	the	Mandi	entrance,	all	that	needs	to	be	said	is	that	the
                  Admn. & Marketing Office     rules	of	‘Swachh	Bharat’	or	‘Swachh	Delhi’	do	not	apply	there.
                   MEDIA TODAY PVT. LTD.
              J-, Paryavaran Complex, Neb Sarai,   It is worth recalling here that when the then Chief Minister Sheila Dixit announced more
              IGNOU Road, New Delhi-11008, India  than a decade ago at an International Flora Expo held in New Delhi that the capital city
               Phone : 91-11-2982, 299,  would have a world class flower market, there was loud applause from the audience. But
                         2988              nothing	much	moved	for	some	time,	it	has	remained	a	dream	project	for	long.
                   Web. :       it	is	heartening	to	know	that	work	on	the	project	would	begin	in	August.	According	to
                                               officials connected with the redevelopment plan for the flower market,  the idea now is to
                       Subscription            have	a	four-storey	building,	with	a	basement	for	parking	and		cold	storage	with	lockers	to
              India : 1 Year Rs. 1000/- by Normal Post  store flowers.  The 10-acre complex will have an air-conditioned flower exhibition centre.
                        Rs. 100/- by Courier   Three floors of the building would be for offices and shops.  It is expected that the project, at
                2 Years Rs. 180/- by Normal Post  an estimated cost of Rs. 120 crore, would be ready by the end of 2020.
                        Rs. 20/- by Courier
                   Overseas:   US$ 120 for 1 Year                                Under the plan, all the 420 licensed flower traders would be accommodated in the new
                          US$ 20 for 2 Years   building.  Shop-cum-office spaces would be provided to all the traders, for which they have a
                      Single Copy  in India : Rs. 100/-  pay a fee, said Vijay Singh, Chairman of the flower market.  Once the market is modernized,
                   Single Copy Cost for Overseas : US$10  its average annual revenue is expected to cross Rs. 400 crore.
                        (Add 5% GST)
                                                  Vice	President	of	the	Delhi	Agriculture	Marketing	Board	Garima	Gupta	said	that	the
                                               project’s	aim	is	not	only	to	make	it	trader-	friendly,	but	also	to	attract	tourists.
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                 Syed Mohammad Baqar Naqvi,       The plans look fine. One aspect that the project officials should look at in the beginning
                 Printed at Sonu Printer, B-180,  itself	is	how	to	dispose	of	the	waste	from	the	market.	it	would	be	a	good	idea	to	evolve	a
                     Okhla Industrial Area     plan	to	make	“wealth	from	waste”.	One	simple		way	to	convert	the	waste	into	manure,	that
                 Ph-I, New Delhi - 110 020, and  can	be	used		in	gardens	and	parks.	Or,	the	waste	can	also	be	used	to	generate	energy	on	the
                 Published from A-, 1  Floor,
                   Freedom Fighter Enclave,    lines	of	gobar	gas	plants.	The	power	so	generated	can	be	for	in-house	consumption	in	the
                        Neb Sarai,             market.	A	special	cell	should	be	created	to	work	out	the	details.
                   New Delhi-11008 (INDIA)
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