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GreenTech Amsterdam 2018

                                                                                  FOCUS ON



                                                                                  IDEAS AND

                                                                                  CONCEPTS FOR

                                                                                  THE FUTURE

                                                                                 Showcase of Innovations Surrounding

                                                                                 the Sustainable Cultivation of Crops

                                                                                                          —	s. Jafar Naqvi

                   rganized by RAI      International) inaugurated   contiguous	to	the	sustainable	  and suppliers for networking.
                   Amsterdam,	          GreenTech	Amsterdam	and	    cultivation of crops.      Visitors	from	across	the	globe
            OGreenTech	                 TOFF at RAI Amsterdam with    GreenTech	began	with	    came	to	attend	and	discuss	the
            Amsterdam opened its        great splendor. GreenTech   much	valued	GreenTech	     ‘Insights for the Next Decade’.
            doors	for	the	third	time	   2018,	the	global	trade	show	  Summit.	GreenTech	Summit	   The	summit	was	followed
            on	12 	June,	2018.	Loek	    for	horticultural	technology,	  took place on 11 	June,	  by	three-day	GreenTech
            Hermans	(Chairman	of	       concluded	on	14 	June.	     prior the exhibition at RAI   Trade	Fair.	This	edition	of	the
            Top sector Horticulture     It	was	a	successful	show	   Amsterdam	Convention	      show	had	477	exhibitors,	20%
            & Starting Materials) and   packed with energy, business   Centre. The Summit presented   more exhibition space and an
            Marcus Arbenz (Executive    and	knowledge-sharing.	It	  matchless opportunities to   increase	of	8%	in	the	number
            Director IFOAM-Organics     showcased modernization     investors,	growers,	breeders	  of	visitors.	It	is	the	ultimate

            10  Floriculture Today  July 2018
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