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                                                 8	  Editorial

                                                 v  EVENt rEPort
                                                 10  GreenTech	Amsterdam	2018
                                                     Focus on Modern Horticulture ideas and Concepts for the Future
                                                     —	S. Jafar Naqvi

                                                 v FloriCulturE
                                                 14	 Potted Plants
                                                 	   Potential	Method	of	Higher	Income
                                                 	   — P. Naveen Kumar and Ramesh Kumar

                                                 v  BENEFiCial FlowErs
                                                 20	 Edible Flowers
                                                     Nutritional Significance and its Health Benefits
                                          15     	   — K.Shunmugapriya and T. R. T. M. Ponbhagavathi
                                                 v  Cut FlowEr
                                                 26	 Heliconia	Cultivation:	Good	Income	to	the	Farmers		— Jergin J.I.

                                                 v  orNaMENtal
                                                 30	 Deciduous,	Woody	Climber	-	Clematis	Montana		— Dr. G. Sathish

                                                 v  sEasoNal FlowEr
                                                 34	 Glory	of	the	Elusive	Karvi	Flower		— Bhavya Dore

                                                 v  PrE-EVENt rEPort

                                                 37	 Warm	Greetings	to	you	from	Codissia	&	Team	Agri	Intex	2018

                                                 v  MaNagEMENt
                                                 38	 Insects	and	Acarine	Pests	of	China	Rose,	Hibiscus	Rosa-sinensis	Linn.
              22                                 	   and	their	Eco-friendly	Management
                                                 	   — Jaydeep Halder and Atanu Seni

                                                 v  CHEMiCal iNdustry

                                                 42	 The	Driving	Forces	of	the	“Global	Green	Chelate	Market”
                                                 	   — Viejay Bhatia (Director), AVA Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

                                                 v  NEws
                                          26     44	 A	Rose	by	any	other	Name
                                                 46  Flower Traders’ Bid to Nip Market Revamp
                                                     Project in the Bud
                                                 46	 Automation	could	Treble	Value	of	China’s	Flower	Industry
                                                 46  Bangladesh Lacking Orchid Exports
                                                 48  Farmers Swear by Orchid’s Blooming Prospects
                                                 49  Dutch-Ukrainian Cooperation in Floriculture
                                                 49  Flower Bulb Trade between NL	and	South	America	Going	Strong
                                                 50	 Interest	in	Horticultural	Products	on	the	Rise	in	China
                                                 51  A Look into the World of Storing, Preparing Flower Bulbs

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