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            8	  Editorial                                           v  nurSEry BuSinESS
                                                                    32	 Satyadeva	Nursery
            v CovEr Story                                           	   A	Brand	for	quality	&	best	service
            10  adoption of technologies for
                Sustainable Farming Systems                         v  EvEnt rEPort
            	   Scaling	New	Peaks	of	Productivity	and	Growth        34  Major	Annual	Event	for	the	Russian	Ornamental
            v GardEninG
            20  Butterfly Gardening                                 v  naturE
            	   —	Dr. Sham Gaidhane                                 52	 Greenosil:	A	Concern	For	Back	To	Nature

            v ChEmiCal induStry                                     v	 FlowEr utility
            24	 AvA	Chemicals	–	72 	Independence	Day	Initiative     56	 Flowers	Beyond	Aesthetic	Utility
            	   —	viejay	Bhatia	(Director),	AvA	Chemicals	Pvt.	Ltd.  	  —	Jyoti Verma and Parminder Singh

            v ProFilES                                              v  intErviEw
            26	 Sri	Satyanarayana	Nursery	Gardens                   59	 “Floriculture	has	become	one	of	the	Important
            33	 Karnataka	Plastic	Traders                               Businesses	among	Agriculture”
            50	 AKSv	Nursery                                        	   –	Mukesh Pandey, Promoter, Happy Flowers Limited

            v vErtiCal GardEninG                                    v  nEwS
            28	 Fabrication of vertical Garden by Park visitors     60	 Syngenta	Introduces	Autumn	Trials	Highlights
            	   At	NTR	Gardens	and	other	Parks	of	HMDA,	            60	 Fern	Britton	Supports	British	Blooms
            	   —	P. Yadagiri, B.Sc (Horticulture) MBA (HRM)        62	 First	Annual	Canadian	Flowers	Week	Bloomed
                Asst Director of Horticulture, HMDA Hyderabad           September	13-19th	2018
                                                                    62	 Alone	Among	Men	in	the	World	of	Tulips
            40  Growing	Up:	The	Rise	of	vertical	Gardens            63	 Dutch	Top	Rose	Favourite	for	Italian	Weddings
            	   —	Aileen Scoular, A Lifestyle Journalist and        64	 Florist	Holland	Receives	2	Novelty	Awards	for
                Award-Winning Garden Designer                           Standard	Gerberas	Glossy	and	Jetset

            46  Gardening	Upwards!	Growing	a	vertical	Garden        64	 Ecuador’s	Long-lasting	Roses	Set	to	Enter	Indian
            	   at	Home                                                 Market
            	   —	Alison Potte                                      66  A New Scoop at the Expoflor Ecuador
                                                                    66	 Lisianthus:	Its	Beauty	and	Power	Recorded	in	Images
            47  A Green Wall Brings Butterflies to an               67	 Rose:	In	the	October	Flower	Agenda
            	   Inner-city	Balcony

            8  Floriculture Today  October 2018
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