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               Chief Editor: S Jafar Naqvi
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                  T.v. SaTyaNarayaNaN
                                              ndia’s flower lovers can look forward to a new addition in the Indian market that offers
              ChiEf Coordinator: M.B. Naqvi
                                              a  large  variety  of  flowers  for  all  occasions.  South  American  nation  Ecuador’s  roses
             Editorial Coordinator: Syed M K  Icultivated and preserved to last long is all set to come to the Indian market after the

                  Layout & Design           conclusion of negotiations for the Preferential Trade Agreement between the two countries.
                    Mohd. Iqbal             The first round of negotiations is scheduled to start early this year.
                   Faiyaz Ahmad               According to a news report quoting Ecuador’s Ambassador Hector Cueva jacome, the
                    Head Office             Indian Ministry of Agriculture has cleared the entry of the long-lasting roses and they are
              New Delhi: +91-11-29535593 /   excluded from plant quarantine.
                 64519106 / 65655264          Ecuador is rated as having the third largest floriculture industry in the world, and it is
           E-mail:  one of the largest flower exporting nations in the continent.

                Other Business Offices        As per the details that the Ambassador gave about these roses, once preserved, they do
                                            not require water or sunlight, and they retain their form for a minimum of one year. Under
                    9702903993              optimal conditions, the roses can last up to four or five years.
               Climate and altitude are the strength of these flowers. They are grown at high altitudes
                                            of 2500 metres or more above the sea level that facilitates the growth of larger blossoms
                       Pune                 with longer stems, compared to flowers grown in many other parts of the world. The roses
               are picked at peak bloom, freeze dried through lyophilization, and finally pigmented. The
                                            preserved  roses  are  available  in  different  colours  and  can  be  customized  to  suit  unique
                     Chennai                needs.
                    9941130277                Trade officer Pro Ecuador Cristina Chiriboga Tejada said promotional events would be
                                            organized soon by the embassy and they would enable interaction between the Ecuadorian
                                            experts and Indian importers.
               Admn. & Marketing Office
               MEDIA TODAY PVT. LTD.          The  preserved  roses  from  the  South  American  country  are  grown  in  a  sustainable
           J-73, Paryavaran Complex, Neb Sarai,   manner and the growers ensure the products meet Global GAP, Fair Trade International
           IGNOU Road, New Delhi-110068, India  and Rainforest Alliance standards.
            Phone : 91-11-29535872, 29535593,  It is therefore appropriate that Ecuador and India, a growing flower power in south Asia,
                     29535848               cooperate in this sector.
           E-mail:  Commercial flower production has been on the rise in India, which produced 2.24 million
               Web. :
                                            tones of flowers in 2016-17. Both loose flowers and cut flowers are grown and in terms of
                                            volume, the country ranks as the world’s second largest flower producer, next to China,
          India : 1 Year Rs. 1000/- by Normal Post  though its share in the global trade of floriculture products is only 0.4 per cent,
                     Rs. 1300/- by Courier     Besides producing fresh flowers, in the long lasting category India has a thriving dry
            2 Years Rs. 1850/- by Normal Post  flower industry, for which it has developed good technology. It has also research backing
                     Rs. 2450/- by Courier  to take the industry forward.  one of its strengths is the availability of a wide range of wild
                Overseas:   US$ 120 for 1 Year                                and unutilized and under- utilized plant species. Dry flowers and value added products
                       US$ 230 for 2 Years
                   Single Copy  in India : Rs. 100/-  from them are in good demand in both domestic and export markets.  The demand for dry
                Single Copy Cost for Overseas : US$10  flowers is increasing at an impressive rate of over 10 per cent annually. India has now a
                     (Add 5% GST)           share of 5 per cent in the global trade of dry flowers.
                                                Dry  flowers  have  many  advantages,  being  eco-friendly,  long  lasting,  year-round
             Printed, published and owned by  availability  and  easy  to  handle.  Dehydrated  flower  has  an  important  place  in  floral  art.
             Syed Mohammad Baqar Naqvi,     It is much preferred while making many useful and artistic products like greeting cards,
              Printed at Sonu Printer, B-180,  envelopes, wall hangings, potpourri and table mats.
                 Okhla Industrial Area
              Ph-I, New Delhi - 110 020, and  The drying techniques adopted in India are many. They include air drying, sun drying,
              Published from A-44, 1  Floor,  embedded drying, press drying, glycerin drying, micro-wave drying and breeze drying.
               Freedom Fighter Enclave,       Surely, cooperation between India and Ecuador in the floriculture sector would be a
                     Neb Sarai,             welcome move for mutual benefit.
               New Delhi-110068 (INDIA)
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