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        v  Cover STory

        12  There is a Lot of Potential for Indian Growers      20  India has Huge Potential in Flower Plants
           India should spread out its floriculture segment faster     Its Varietal Wealth Needs Market Promotion
        10  edITorIaL

        v GardeNING
        26  “Kitchen Gardening” Promotes environmental awareness
           An Initiative by All India Kitchen Garden Association   — Shyama Balbir

        v NUrSery INdUSTry

        30  Royalty Paid System Helps Growth of Nursery Industry   — Santosh Shitole

        v ProMoTIoN

        32  Soex Flora Promoting a Significant Presence on the Floriculture World Map

        v GreeNHoUSe

        38  Smart Farms in South Korean Greenhouse Industry
           Successful Implementation of Green Vision’s Products   — Firoz Haider

        v HorTICULTUre
        42  What does Australia have in store for 2019?
        44  Dus and EDv Topics Covered at UPoV CAj’S Autumn Meeting

        v FLorICULTUre
        48  Livelihood Security in Andaman and Nicobar Islands through Floriculture
        v orNaMeNTaL
        50  Paul Ecke Sr. ‘Poinsettia King’ Cultivated a Holiday Tradition

         8  Floriculture Today  January 2019
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