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Soy laSSi

            Development of Lassi from

            Skimmed Cow Milk blended

            with Soy Milk

                                                                               — Divate A. D., Navale V. S.,	and	Ambatkar A. R.

            Lassi is a ready-to-serve, fermented dairy product obtained after the growth      an	has	evolved	in	close	contact
                                                                                              with  nature  and  the  first  food
            of selected culture, usually Lactic streptococci, in heat-treated milk followed by  Mprovided	by	nature	to	the	man
            sweetening with sugar and / or fruit additives. In this study, lassi from different   was	 “Milk”	 which	 is	 called	 “Dugdha”
                                                                                       and	“Kshira”	in	Sanskrit.	Milk	is	the	most
            proportions of cow skimmed milk and soy milk i.e. 85:15 (T1), 70:30 (T2), 50:50   wholesome	single	food	available	in	nature
            (T3) and 100% cow skim milk (T0) was prepared and studied for its acceptability.   for	health	and	a	medicine	which	has	never
                                                                                       been	debated.	Ancient	Vedic	literature	is
            Lassi prepared from 85 parts cow skimmed milk and 15 parts soy milk was    full  of  evidences  of  the  beneficial  and
                                                                                       therapeutic	 properties	 of	 milk	 and	 milk
            closer to control in acceptability. Lassi prepared from 70 parts of cow milk and   products.	Milk	is	regarded	as	rich	source
            30 parts of soy milk was also acceptable, scoring between like moderately to   of  nutrients  as  it  contain  high  quality  5
                                                                                       proteins,  lactose,  flavour  enriching  fat.
            like very much, for all sensory attributes. A good quality soy lassi was prepared   The	perfect	composition	of	milk	not	only
                                                                                       recommends	 itself	 for	 growing	 children
            by fortifying it with 85 percent skim milk, 15 percent soymilk, 3 percent mango   but	 also	 suited	 to	 satisfy	 energy	 needs

            pulp and 18 percent of sugar is best as compared to other in protein, fat, acidity   of	 adult.	 India	 has	 undoubtedly	 made
                                                                                       tremendous	progress	in	dairy	industry	by
            and pH point of view.                                                      processing	of	large	amount	of	milk	due	to
                                                                                       significant growth in milk production.

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