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Soybean Cultivation and

            Crop Condition under State-Wise Area

            —	D. N. Pathak,	Executive	Director,	The	Soybean	Processors	Association	of	India

                 oybean	 (Glycine	 max	 (L.)	 is	 the	  l  Low	 availability	 and	 use	 of	 good
                 largest	 produced	 oilseed	 in	 the	  quality seed.
            Sworld with over 35% of total oilseed   l  Very	poor	use	of	proper	production
            production.	In	India	also,	it	is	the	largest	  technology	by	farmers,	due	to	lack	of
            produced	 oilseed	 with	 a	 share	 of	 over	  awareness	and	training.      a	 part	 of	 the	 phenomenal	 growth	 in
            35%.  Soybean  has  also  seen  the  highest   l  Inadequate  weed,  pest  and  disease   soybean	 cultivation	 in	 the	 state	 of
            rate	 of	 growth	 in	 terms	 of	 area	 under	  management.                 Madhya	Pradesh	and	Maharashtra.	Seed
            cultivation,	primarily	because	soybean	is	  l  Lack	of	drought	resistant	varieties.  production,	training,	creating	awareness,
            a	rain-fed	crop	and	for	kharif	season,	it	is	                              input	 supplies	 are	 some	 of	 the	 activities
            most	reliable	among	all	other	kharif	crops.	  SOPA	 has	 an	 ongoing	 soybean	  under	 this	 programme.	 There	 is	 a	 lot
            It	is	called	a	wonder	bean	or	a	golden	bean	  development	 programme	 for	 over	 last	  of	 certainty	 about	 the	 crop	 condition
            because	of	its	contribution	to	the	growth	  30  years  and  we  take  pride  in  being   and	 the	 likely	 production	 of	 soybean
            of	 agriculture	 in	 Central	 and	 Western	                                fuelling	  an	  unhealthy	  speculation.
            India.	 Madhya	 Pradesh	 is	 known	 as	 the	                               SOPA,	therefore,	conducts	extensive	crop
            Soya	State	of	India	as	it	contributes	more	  soybean development           surveys every season, one at the flowering
            than 48% of total production of soybean   programme for over last 30       stage	 and	 another	 at	 crop	 maturity	 to
            in	 the	 country.	 The	 other	 two	 major	                                 keep	 the	 stakeholders	 informed	 of	 crop
            soybean	growing	states	are	Maharashtra	  years and we take pride in        development	 through	 various	 stages
            and	 Rajasthan.	 The	 area	 under	 soybean	                                and	give	estimated	yield	and	production
            has been over 10 million hectares for last   being a part of the phenomenal   numbers	at	the	time	of	harvest.
            several	years.                                                               The  first  extensive  field  survey  of
               The	biggest	challenge	Indian	soybean	  growth in soybean cultivation    soybean	crop	was	conducted	by	two	teams
            faces	is	the	low	productivity	as	compared	  in the state of Madhya Pradesh   of SOPA officials from 14  to 20 	August
            to	 the	 other	 major	 producing	 countries	                               2017 in 43 major soybean growing districts
            in  the  world  which  are  USA,  Brazil  and   and Maharashtra. Seed      of	 three	 states,	 namely	 Madhya	 Pradesh
            Argentina.	 Indian	 per	 hectare	 yield	                                   (23),  Maharashtra  (14)  and  Rajasthan
            has  been  hovering  around  1000  kilos.   production, training, creating   (6)  districts,  to  assess  shift  in  area,  crop
            Apart	from	very	small	land	holding	and	                                    condition,	expected	productivity,	etc.
            behaviour	of	monsoon,	there	are	several	  awareness, input supplies are
            other	 reasons	 for	 low	 productivity	 such	  some of the activities under   Following are the major findings:
            as:                                                                        1.	  This	year,	monsoon	arrived	on	time
            l   Inadequate  or  improper  use  of         this programme                  and	the	sowing	of	soybean	was	done
                inputs.                                                                   during  10   June  to  20   July,  2017.
            6                                                  SAArc                                       december 2017
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