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                State-wise area under Soybean cultivaion and crop condition-2017   4.	  The	Overall	crop	of	the	state	is	at	Pod
                                                                                       formation  to  grain  filling  stage  and
                                                                   Area	in	lakh	ha.
                                                                                       condition	of	the	crop	is	normal.

                                                                                   1.	  The	Soybean	Crop	of	the	Latur,	Beed,
                                                                                       Osmanabad,	 Akola,	 Buldhana	 and
                                                                                       Parbhani	Districts	of	Maharashtra	is
                                                                                       at  flowering  stage  and  is  suffering
                                                                                       from	 moisture	 stress	 because	 there
                                                                                       have been no rains for the last 20-25
                                                                                       days.	This	may	affect	the	productivity
            Overall,	 germination	 is	 satisfactory.	  which	will	save	the	crop	from	further
            In	 some	 areas,	 re-sowing	 had	 to	 be	  loss	in	yield.              2.   Soybean  Variety  JS-335  remains
            done	 because	 of	 an	 extended	 dry	                                      the	 most	 popular	 in	 the	 state	 and
            spell.                           State  wise  Observations  on  Crop       it  covers  approximately  80%  of  the
                                             condition:                                total	area	under	soybean	in	the	state.
        2.   It  is  estimated  that  area  under   Madhya Pradesh
            soybean	 may	 decrease	 by	 about	  1.	  Overall	area	in	MP	has	decreased	by	  3.	  The	 overall	 crop	 of	 the	 state	 is	 in
            6.4% over last year’s area estimate of   11%  and  the  shift  is  to  other  crops   satisfactory	condition.
            SOPA.	Estimate	of	area	given	by	the	  like Urad, Moong, Maize, etc.
            government	was	higher	than	that	of	                                    4.	  The	 area	 under	 Tur	 and	 cotton	 by
            SOPA in 2016.                    2.   Early maturating varieties of Soybean   way	 of	 intercropping	 in	 Soybean
                                                 like JS 96-60 and JS 93-05 have been   has	 reduced	 as	 compared	 to	 last
        3.	  Over	 all	 condition	 of	 the	 Soybean	  sown	 in	 most	 of	 the	 area	 (approx.	  year. However, due to intercropping
            crop	in	most	of	the	areas	is	Normal.	  85%) of the state.                  about  5%  area  may  still  have  been
            In	 some	 parts	 of	 Madhya	 Pradesh	                                      reported	twice.	It	would,	thererfore,
            and	 Maharashtra,	 where	 light	 soil	  3.	  Some	crop	in	the	Khandwa,	Khargone	  be	 prudent	 to	 factor	 the	 acreage
            exists,	and	Soybean	crop	has	already	  and	 Barwani	 districts	 of	 Madhya	  number	accordingly.
            been	 damaged	 due	 to	 moisture	    Pradesh	has	suffered	moisture	stress
            stress,	 which	 may	 adversely	 affect	  because	there	was	no	rain	during	the	  Rajasthan
            the	 overall	 productivity	 in	 these	  last  20-25  days.  This  may  affect  the   1.	  The	overall	crop	of	the	state	is	at	pod
            areas.                               productivity	adversely.
                                                                                       formation and grain filling stage.
        4.	  There	is	not	much	change	in	the	area	                                 2.   Some increase in area under soybean
            in	Maharashtra	and	Rajasthan.         The Soybean Crop of the
                                                                                       crop	 was	 observed	 in	 Chittore	 and
                                                  Latur, Beed, Osmanabad,              Pratapgarh	districts	of	the	state.
        5.	  The	extended	dry	spell	caused	attack
            of	 some	 pests	 and	 insects	 in	 some	  Akola, Buldhana and Parbhani   Conclusion:
            areas.	 Attack	 of	 white	 grub	 larva	                                   The	 crop	 health	 is	 mostly	 normal	 at
            was	seen	in	few	districts	of	Madhya	  Districts of Maharashtra is      the	time	of	writing	this,	with	only	slight
            Pradesh.	Normally	this	does	happen	                                    damage	in	some	areas.	The	area	is	lower
            in	black	cotton	soil	but	the	dry	spell	  at flowering stage and is     than	last	year	and	the	major	reason	for	this
            caused	this	and	total	damage	to	the	                                   is	that	farmers	did	not	get	remunerative
            standing	 crop	 was	 reported	 in	 a	  suffering from moisture stress   price	 during	 almost	 the	 entire	 season	 of
            small	area.                           because there have been          2016 and this resulted in a shift to other
                                                                                   more	lucrative	crops	such	as	pulses,	cotton
        6.   No.  threat  to  crop  by  weeds  was   no rains for the last 20-25   seed,  maize  etc.  The  final  productivity
            seen.                                                                  will	depend	on	the	behaviour	of	monsoon
                                                  days. This may affect the        through	 the	 month	 of	 September	 when
        7.	  On	 the	 last	 two	 days	 of	 the	 survey	                            pod formation and pod filling takes place
            team’s	 tour,	 welcome	 rains	 were	   productivity adversely          in	most	of	the	soybean	growing	areas.	It
            reported	from	some	areas	of	Madhya	                                    is  too  early  to  predict  a  final  yield  and
            Pradesh,	Maharashtra	and	Rajasthan,	                                   production	number	at	this	stage.	  n

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