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            What is the Best Oil for Deep Frying?

                                                                                                    —	Michael Joseph,	M.Sc

                   f	course,	deep	frying	is	far	from
                   the	 healthiest	 cooking	 method.
            OBut	some	people	enjoy	deep	fried
            food	from	time	to	time,	and	it’s	important
            to	know	the	most	suitable	oil.	This	article
            presents	 the	 best	 oil	 for	 deep	 frying,	 as
            well	as	some	important	considerations	to
            take	into	account.

            Important Considerations
               The	health	impacts	of	frying	with	oil
            depend	on	how	heat	stable	the	particular
            fatty	acids	are.	And	the	most	stable	fats	of
            all	are	saturated	fats.	So,	cooking	oil	that	is
            low	in	saturated	fat	makes	no	sense	at	all.
            In	contrast,	a	vegetable	oil	than	these	oils
            are	full	of	polyunsaturated	fats,	which	are
            the	 least	 resistant	 to	 oxidation.	 In	 other
            words,	vegetable	oils	are	not	stable	at	high
            heat.	As	a	result,	deep	frying	these	fats	will
            likely	result	in	the	formation	of	oxidative	  and	oxidative	products,	we	should	steer	  Fatty  Acid  Composition  (source:
            products  –  something  which  has  strong   clear	of	polyunsaturated	fat.  USDA)
            links  to  inflammation  and  associated   Deep	 fat	 frying	 relies	 on	 high	  v   SFA: 66%
            diseases.	 And	 by	 associated	 diseases,	 I	  temperatures,	 so	 the	 type	 of	 oil	 is	 very	  v   MUFA: 30%
            mean Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, heart   important.	The	healthiest	cooking	oils	for	  v   PUFA: 4%
            disease,	and	a	whole	lot	more.       your	deep	fat	fryer	are	saturated	fats.
                                                                                         The  difference  between  ghee  and  butter
            How Do We Deep Fry Food?             The Healthiest Oil for                is that ghee has no dairy sugars or proteins.
               When	we	are	deep	frying	food,	we	need	  Deep Frying                     However, ghee is richer; better tasting, and a
            to	fully	submerge	the	food	into	boiling	hot	                               healthier choice for deep fat frying.
            cooking	oil.	The	temperature	of	this	oil	is	  Ghee
            set  at  somewhere  between  350 F	 (177 C)	  While	butter	may	not	be	the	best	oil	for	  Extra Virgin Olive Oil
            and	 375 F  (191 C).	 If	 the	 temperature	 is	  deep	frying,	ghee	is	a	very	solid	option.  There	 is	 a	 persistent	 myth	 that	 olive
            wrong,	then	the	food’s	surface	might	form	  Ghee is a clarified butter, which means   oil	 is	 a	 healthy	 fat,	 but	 only	 when	 used
            too	 slowly,	 causing	 the	 food	 to	 absorb	  that	the	dairy	proteins	and	sugars	(lactose)	  as  a  salad  dressing.  However,  the  truth
                                                                                       is	 that	 olive	 oil	 is	 fairly	 stable	 at	 high
            large	amounts	of	oil.	On	the	other	hand,	  have	 been	 removed.	 This	 makes	 ghee	 a	  temperatures.	 There	 are	 two	 reasons
            if	the	heat	settings	are	too	high	then	the	  pure	fat;	it	has	much	higher	resistance	to	  why:
            surface	of	the	food	will	burn.	Because	we	  burning	than	butter,	and	its	heat	stable	at	  v	  Olive	  oil	  is	  very	  low	  in
            need	 an	 extreme	 temperature	 to	 make	  higher	 temperatures.	 As	 one	 of	 the	 best	  polyunsaturated	 fat	 and	 mainly
            deep	 fried	 foods,	 we	 need	 to	 carefully	  cooking	fats	for	deep	fryers,	frying	with	  consists	 of	 monounsaturated	 fat,
            consider	the	type	of	cooking	oil.	With	this	  ghee	gives	food	a	lovely	taste.	And	in	my	  which	 has	 relatively	 good	 heat
            in	mind,	the	healthiest	fat	for	deep	frying	  opinion,	it’s	the	best	tasting	cooking	oil	of	  stability.
            is	a	little	different	to	the	best	oil	for	stir-  all.	Just	like	with	lard,	it’s	best	to	choose	a	  v	  Extra	 virgin	 olive	 oil	 contains
            frying	 or	 general	 cooking.	 For	 example,	  grass-fed	ghee	for	a	better	fatty	acid	and	  large	 amounts	 of	 health-protective
            making	 a	 pan-fried	 steak	 with	 a	 little	  fat soluble vitamin profile. You can either   polyphenols,	which	help	protect	the
            butter  is  fine.  But  butter  contains  dairy   buy	ghee	from	a	health	food	store,	online,	  oil	from	oxidative	damage.
            sugars	 and	 proteins,	 which	 can	 burn	 at	  or	you	could	even	make	it	yourself.	In	fact,
            high	heat	and	this	makes	it	a	poor	choice	  making	ghee	doesn’t	take	long	at	all.	It’s	  And	if	you’re	not	convinced,	then	we
            for	 deep	 frying.	 To	 avoid	 burning	 our	  easy	to	make	from	butter	and	this	video	  can	look	at	several	studies	that	test	olive
            food,	 and	 the	 formation	 of	 carcinogens	  shows you exactly how to do it:  oil’s oxidative stability:

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