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        v	  A	 study	 evaluated	 olive,	 corn,	  and  antifungal  properties.  However,  it’s   So,	 while	 using	 oil	 that	 has	 good
            soybean, and sunflower cooking oils   important	to	note	that	despite	its	natural	  resistance	 to	 high	 heat	 is	 important,
            in	a	deep-frying	test.	Olive	oil	had	the	  image,  coconut  oil  can  also  be  refined   it	 doesn’t	 make	 deep	 frying	 well	 for
            lowest  deterioration  in  quality  and   oil.	So,	if	you	want	to	avoid	fats	that	use	  you.	 Deep	 fried	 food	 is	 generally	 bad
            the	 greatest	 resistance	 to	 oxidative	  solvents	 like	 hexane	 in	 their	 extraction	  because	it	exposes	food	to	extremely	hot
            damage.                          process,	 then	 look	 for	 “cold-pressed”	  temperatures.	In	fact,	cooking	food	at	high
        v	  A	further	study	shows	that	olive	oil	is	  on	 the	 label.	 Aside	 from	 that,	 perhaps	  temperatures	can	result	in	the	formation
            “clearly resistant to frying conditions”.	  the	only	problem	with	coconut	oil	is	the	  of	potentially	harmful	compounds	such	as
            This	 particular	 study	 used	 olive	 oil	  strong  flavor,  with  some  people  feeling   Advanced	Glycation	End	products	(AGEs),
            for deep frying over a continuous 24   the	taste	of	coconut	on	their	food.	  aldehydes	and	various	carcinogens.	AGEs
            hours – and tests showed only minor   Fatty	Acid	Composition           can	 cause	 widespread	 oxidative	 damage
            levels of oxidation (18).           (source: USDA)                     in	 the	 body,	 and	 some	 studies	 suggest
                                             v   SFA: 91.1%                        that	 aldehydes	 are	 carcinogenic.	 There
           While	olive	oil	is	not	the	best	oil	to	fry	  v   MUFA: 7%               are	many	delicious	deep	fried	foods	like
        with,	it	does	a	reasonable	job	and	stands	  v   PUFA: 1.9%                 chicken, fish and various vegetables, but
        up	to	heat	fairly	well.                                                    it’s	better	to	choose	less	abrasive	forms	of
           Fatty  Acid  Composition  (source:   Coconut oil is extremely stable at high heat   cooking.
        Nutrition	Data)                      and likely the optimal oil for deep frying.
        v   SFA: 14.2%                                                             Gentler Cooking Methods
        v   MUFA: 75%                        Best Oil for Deep Frying?                Some	 of	 the	 least	 abrasive	 cooking
        v   PUFA: 10.8%                      Health:  Regarding	 heat	 stability	 and	  methods include:
                                             resistance	 to	 oxidation,	 coconut	 oil	 is	  v	  Baking
           While it isn’t as heat-stable as saturated   acceptable	for	every	time.	It	has	the	highest	  v	  Boiling
        fats, you can deep fry with olive oil. It’s also   proportion	of	saturated	fat	and	barely	any	  v	  Poaching
        much safer than seed oils.           polyunsaturated	fatty	acids.          v	  Steaming
                                                                                   v	  Stewing
        Tallow                               Taste:	 Ghee	 is	 the	 best-tasting	 fat	 in	 the
           Beef	tallow	is	rendered	fat	from	a	cow.	  opinion, but it also influences the overall   With	each	of	these	cooking	styles,	you
        Deep	 frying	 with	 beef	 tallow	 is	 a	 very	  flavor of the food with its buttery taste. So,   can	 easily	 control	 the	 temperature	 and
        traditional	 practice,	 and	 it’s	 also	 one	 of	  to	give	food	a	great	but	not	overpowering	  prevent	food	from	overheating.
        the	smartest	choices	for	your	deep	fryer.	  flavor, tallow is the best choice.
        Tallow	is	predominantly	a	saturated	fat,	                                     Deep frying is not the best choice when it
        with	 almost	 as	 much	 monounsaturated	  Never Use Polyunsaturated Vegetable   comes to health, and it’s best to deep fry only
        fat.	 Additionally,	 there	 is	 only	 a	 small	  Oils for Deep Frying      occasionally.
        amount  (4%)  of  polyunsaturated  fat.   No	 matter	 what	 you	 might	 hear,	 the
        Tallow also has a very light flavor, so it   fact	remains	that	these	vegetable	oils	are	  Make Deep Fried Food Healthier
        doesn’t	overpower	the	food	you	are	frying	  full of unstable omega-6 polyunsaturated   While	 deep	 frying	 is	 not	 generally
        like	some	oils	can.                  oils.	 Deep	 frying	 these	 oils	 is	 likely	 to	  healthy,	there	are	some	methods	we	can
           Fatty  Acid  Composition  (source:   result	in	the	formation	of	carcinogens	and	  use	to	make	a	deep	fried	meal	healthier.
        USDA)                                oxidation	products.                   v	  Use	the	Correct	temperature
        v   SFA: 52.1%                          Here are a few common vegetable oils   v	  Use	 one	 of	 the	 healthy	 oils	 in	 this
        v   MUFA: 43.7%                      to avoid:                                 article – coconut oil being the optimal
        v   PUFA: 4.2%                       v	  Canola	oil                            choice
                                             v	  Corn	oil                          v   Don’t re-use old oil – every time we
           Tallow  is  full  of  saturated  and   v	  Grapeseed	oil                    heat	oil,	it	becomes	less	resistant	to
        monounsaturated fat, making it one of the best   v	  Soybean	oil               oxidation.	 It’s	 understandable	 to
                                                                                       want	to	save	money,	but	continuously
        fats for deep frying.                v   Sunflower oil
                                                                                       using	 the	 same	 deep	 frying	 oil	 is	 a
                                                                                       bad	idea.
        Coconut oil                             Vegetable   oils   are   ultra-processed   v	  Drink	 some	 wine	 with	 the	 meal;
           Given	that	coconut	oil	has	a	saturated	  industrial  foods.  It’s  best  avoiding  them  for   wine	 is	 high	 in	 polyphenols	 that
        fat content of 91%, it’s perhaps the most   your overall health, and they are a poor choice   are	 known	 to	 help	 protect	 against
        suitable	oil	for	the	deep	fryer.	As	a	result,	  for deep frying.               oxidative	damage	in	the	body.
        frying	 with	 this	 tropical	 oil	 is	 unlikely
        to	 cause	 harmful	 amounts	 of	 oxidation	  Cooking Food in a Deep Fryer  Final Thoughts
        products.	Coconut	oil	also	contains	lauric	  is Not a Healthy Choice          Coconut	 oil	 is	 the	 best	 oil	 for	 deep
        acid,	which	is	also	present	in	mother’s	milk	  It’s important to realize that high heat   frying,	and	ghee,	olive	oil,	and	tallow	are
        and has beneficial antiviral, antibacterial   cooking	is	not	health-supportive.  also	fairly	healthy	choices.		  n

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