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                                                   v	 Editorial	                                                    4

                                                   v  EdiBlE oil
             Chief Editor                          l	 Olive	Oil	vs	Vegetable	Oil	                                   6
             S. Jafar Naqvi
                                                   	   Which	is	Healthier?
             Consulting Editors                    	   —	Jergin J.I.
             T.V. Satyanarayanan
             Vijay Sardana                         v  FiSHEriES
                                                   l	 Applying	a	New	Ensemble	Approach	in	Estimating	               8
             Editorial Co-ordinator: Syed M K      	   Stock	Status	of	Marine	Fisheries	around	the	World

             Layout & Design : Mohd. Iqbal         l  Status	of	Fish	Genetic	Resources	                             12
                                                   	   in	India	and	their	Management	Strategies
             97029099                            	   —	J. K. Jena and A. Gopalakrishnan
                                                   l  Kerala	Government	Signs	Agreement	with	Cochin	Shipyard	       18
             Pune                                  	   for	Procurement	of	Marine	Ambulance	for	Fisheries	Department
                      v  liVEStoCK

              	   CLFMA	CFO	Forum	presented	valuable	                          20
                                                   	   insights	on	the	future	of	Indian	livestock	sector
             MEDIA TODAY PVT. LTD.
             J-7, Paryavaran Complex, Neb Sarai,  v  dairy
             IGNOU Road, New delhi-110068.         l  Management	of	Lactose	Intolerance	in	Milk	Consumers	          22
             PHONE :91-11-295588, 295559, 2955872  	  —	Jay Prakash Yadav, Pankaj Dhaka and Deepthi Vijay
                                                   v Poultry
                                                   l	 Flow	Cytometric	Analysis	of	Avian	Natural	Killer	Cell	Activity	  26
             ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION                   	   —	H.s. Al-Khalifa
             India: 1 year Rs.1000/-by Normal Post
                          Rs. 100/-by Courier
             2 years Rs. 1850/-by Normal Post      l America	Demands	its	Pound	of	Flesh	Even	after	India	Eases	     30
                          Rs. 250/-by Courier     	   Poultry	Imports
             Overseas: US$ 120 for 1 year /
                     US$ 20 for 2 years
             Single Copy Cost in India : Rs. 100/-  v	 MarKEt rEPort
                    (Add 5% GST)                   l	 Soybean	Prices	Firming	under	the	Lead	of	South	America	       32
             Printed, published and owned by
             Syed Mohammad Baqar Naqvi, Printed at  l  Us	Corn	Prices	Correct,	Co-product	Prices	also	              34
             Sonu Printer, B-180, Okhla Industrial Area  	  Come	Down;	Ethanol	is	one	Solution	for	Two	Issues,
             Ph-I, New delhi - 110 020, and Published  	  High	Gasoline	Prices	and	Air	Pollution
             from A-, 1  Floor, Freedom Fighter Enclave,
             Neb Sarai, New delhi-110068 (INdIA)   	   —	Amit sachdev
             Editor : S. Jafar Naqvi               v NEwS
                                                   l  Vegoil	Imports	up	3.5%	at	13.86	Lakh	Tonnes	                  36
                                                   l  Rupee’s	4%	Fall	since	April	has	Hit	Indian	Palm	Oil	Imports	Hard:	  36
                   Vol. 20.....ISSUE 9.....June 2018  	  Industry
                                                   l  Dairy	Stocks	Rally	as	Parag	Milk	Talks	of	Robust	Growth	      36
                      ‘Saarc Oils & Fats Today’    l  Maharashtra	Govt	Gives	Subsidy	For	Milk	Powder	               37
                  J-7, Paryavaran Complex, Neb Sarai,
                    IGNOU Road, New delhi - 110068  l  Rapeseed	Meal	Powers	Oilmeal	Export	Earnings	in	2017-18;	    37
                     E-mail:  	  Growth	up	48%

                                                              SAARC                                            JUNE 2018
                                                          OILS & FATS TOdAy
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