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EdiblE Oil

            Olive Oil vs Vegetable Oil

            Which is Healthier?

                                                                                                             —	Jergin J.i. 1
                                                              1 Ph.D	Scholar,	Department	of	Agricultural	Extension	&	Rural	Sociology,
                                                                         Agricultural	College	&	Research	Institute-TNAU,	Madurai

                   live	  (Olea      europaea)	  is
                   undoubtedly	 one	 of	 the	 world’s
            Ooldest	cultivated	crops	originated
            from	 a	 minor	 and	 has	 tremendous
            potential	 in	 India	 especially	 in	 mid
            hills	 and	 warm	 temperate	 regions	 of
            North	Western	Himalaya.	It	is	a	crop	of
            Mediterranean	 region	 but	 grows	 well
            even	under	mild	temperate	conditions	if
            chilling	 requirements	 are	 met.	 The	 tree
            is	 slow	 growing	 with	 very	 long	 life	 and
            attains	height	of	3-5	meter	or	even	more.
            The	 fruits	 are	 small	 to	 medium,	 drupe,
            2-3	 cm	 long	 and	 on	 ripening	 become
            blackish	-	purple	while	few	cultivars	are
            green	when	ripe	and	some	turn	to	shade
            of	copper	brown.	                    done	using	stone	wheels	but	stainless	steel	  the	 same	 number	 as	 found	 in	 vegetable
               Ninety	percent	of	its	fruits	are	mainly	  rollers	 are	 much	 more	 common	 today.	  and	animal	fats,	such	as	canola	or	butter;
            utilized	 for	 extraction	 of	 oil	 and	 on	 a	  Water	is	slowly	stirred	into	the	resulting	  however,	 olive	 oil	 is	 by	 far	 the	 most
            limited	 scale	 they	 are	 used	 for	 table	  paste	 in	 order	 for	 the	 oil	 molecules	  nutrient-rich.
            purpose.	 The	 oil	 thus	 extracted	 is	 rich	  to  concentrate.  The  mixture  is  finally
            source	of	polyunsaturated	fatty	acid	and	  centrifuged	to	remove	the	water.  Vegetable oil
            is	 absolutely	 free	 from	 Cholesterol.	 The	                               Vegetable  oil  is  defined  as  an  oil
            highest	quality	olive	oil	is	extra	virgin	olive	  olive oil Nutrition Facts  derived	 from	 plants	 which	 includes
            oil	 which	 must	 be	 totally	 unprocessed	  One	 tablespoon	 of	 olive	 oil	 (14g)	  canola oil, soy oil, sunflower oil and corn
            and	kept	below	75	degrees	Fahrenheit	at	  contains	  the	  following	  nutritional	  oil.	These	oils	are	rich	in	polyunsaturated
            all	times	during	the	mechanical	extraction	  information	according	to	the	USDA:  fatty acids, which are fine in whole food
            process.                              Calories	                  120       sources  such  as  flaxseeds,  but  not  as  oil
                                                  Saturated	Fat	             02.20	g   products.
            How olive oil is made?                Polyunsaturated	Fat	       01.80	g
               Olives	 are	 traditionally	 harvested	  Monounsaturated	Fat	  10.00	g   All Vegetable Oils are refined
            manually	by	hand	picking.	It	is	done	by	  total Fat              14.00 g     Vegetable	 oils	 are	 extracted	 at
            collecting	 fallen	 fruits	 from	 the	 ground,	  Trans	Fat	        -       high	 temperatures	 using	 a	 process
            stripping	fruits	with	half	open	hands	from	  Total	Carbohydrates	  -       that	 involves	 toxic,	 petroleum-derived
            limbs	which	fall	into	picking	bags	or	onto	  Dietary	Fiber	        -       chemicals	such	as	hexane.	Vegetable	oils
            nets	below	the	tree	and	beating	limbs	with	  Sugar	                -       are	 degummed,	 deodorized,	 bleached
            large	sticks	to	dislodge	fruit,	which	is	also	  Cholesterol	       -       and further refined at high temperatures.
            collected	 on	 nets.	 Some	 table	 olives	 are	                            The high temperature during the refining
            picked	individually	into	baskets	to	avoid	  Sodium	                -       process	change	the	omega-6	content	of	the
            damage	and	subsequent	quality	loss.   Potassium	                   -       oils  and  can  significantly  raise  the  oil’s
               After	 the	 olives	 have	 been	 picked,	  Protein	              -       concentrations	of	harmful	trans	fats.
            washed	 and	 any	 remaining	 leaves	 and	  Calories in olive oil
            twigs	 are	 removed,	 then	 it’s	 time	 for	  Olive	 oil	 contains	 120	 calories	 in	 1	  Vegetable oils and Smoke Point
            crushing.	 Crushing	 was	 traditionally	  Tbsp	(0.5	oz).	Olive	oil	calories	are	exactly	  Some	vegetable	oils	have	a	high	smoke

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