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EdiblE Oil

                                                                                   solvent,	 hexane.	 Small	 quantities	 of
                                                                                   sunflower  oil  are  cold-extracted  using
                                                                                   an	 expeller	 press.	 This	 is	 the	 preferred
                                                                                   method	and	produces	much	healthier	oil,
                                                                                   but	 it	 is	 much	 more	 expensive	 in	 price
                                                                                   than  the  standard  sunflower  oil  and  is
                                                                                   usually	 found	 only	 in	 specialized	 health
                                                                                   stores.  Sunflower  oil  is  largely  omega
        point	and	for	this	reason,	are	advertised	  The	vast	majority	of	the	commercially	  6	 polyunsaturated,	 so	 it	 is	 inherently
        as	 suitable	 for	 high-heat	 frying.	 This	 is	  available	Canola	oil	is	extracted	from	the	  unstable	and	oxidizes	easily.	In	addition,
        based	on	a	huge	misconception,	however,	  modified rapeseed plant, and as with other   re-using	the	oil	in	deep-frying	could	cause
        as	suitability	for	high	heat	cooking	should	  vegetable	oils,	is	extracted	using	chemical	  the	formation	of	harmful	trans	fats.
        not	be	determined	by	the	smoke	point,	but	  solvents	such	as	hexane.	After	extraction,
        by	an	oil’s	resistance	to	oxidation.  the oil is refined which involves heating   Health Benefits of Olive Oil
                                             the	oil	to	over	300	degrees	Fahrenheit	in	  l  Rich	in	Healthy	Monounsaturated
        oxidation and rancidity              order	to	remove	unpleasant	odors	and	is	  Fats
           Polyunsaturated	 vegetable	 oils,	 as	  then	 neutralized	 to	 remove	 free	 acidity	  l  Contains	Large	Amounts	of
        the	 word	 suggests,	 are	 unsaturated	 and	  and	bleached.                    Antioxidants
        therefore	 highly	 unstable	 with	 a	 strong	                              l  Strong Anti-Inflammatory
        tendency	to	saturate,	so	when	heated,	they	  2.  Grape Seed oil vs. olive oil  Properties
        react	 with	 oxygen,	 forming	 dangerous	  Grape	 seed	 oil	 is	 industrialized	 oil	  l  Helps	to	Prevent	Strokes
        compounds	and	free	radicals.         extracted	 through	 a	 chemical-based	  l  Protective	against	Heart	Diseases
           Vegetable	  oils	  are	  extremely	  process	from	the	waste	product	of	wine-  l  Does	Not	Cause	Weight	Gain
        susceptible	 to	 damage	 from	 heat,	 light	  making.	It	is	extracted	with	the	standard	  	  and	Obesity
        and	 oxygen	 and	 when	 exposed	 to	 these	  industrial	 process	 of	 vegetable	 oil	  l  Help	to	Fight	Alzheimer’s	disease
        elements,	 the	 fatty	 acids	 in	 the	 oil	 are	  extraction	that	involves	the	toxic	solvent,	  l  Reduce	the	Risk	of	Type	2	Diabetes
        oxidized,	 causing	 the	 oil	 to	 become	  hexane.	Even	though	grape	seeds	contain	  l  The	Antioxidants	in	Olive	Oil	have
        rancid. Rancidity not only alters the flavor   antioxidants	 and	 other	 micronutrients,	  Anti-Cancer	Properties
        and	smell	of	the	oil,	but	it	also	diminishes	  actual	grape	seed	oil	does	not.	After	going	  l  Help	to	Treat	Rheumatoid	Arthritis
        the	 nutritional	 value.	 More	 importantly,	  through	the	high-heat	and	chemicals	of	the	  l  Anti-Bacterial	Properties
        the	oxidation	of	fatty-acids	produces	free	  extraction	 process,	 most	 of	 the	 nutrients
        radicals,	which	are	believed	to	play	a	role	  are	destroyed.               Healthy oil
        in	 the	 development	 of	 cancer	 and	 other	                                 Replacing	 vegetable	 oils	 with	 extra
        degenerative	diseases.               3. Sunflower Oil vs. Olive Oil        virgin	olive	oil	is	not	only	better	for	one’s
           This	is	why	mono	unsaturated	oil	such	  Sunflower  oil  is  extracted  with  the   health, but adds depth and flavor to nearly
        as	olive	oil	is	more	stable	and	suitable	for	  standard	 industrial	 process	 of	 vegetable	  any	food	and	is	stable	monounsaturated
        low	to	medium-heat	cooking.          oil	 extraction	 which	 involves	 the	 toxic	  oil	 that	 can	 be	 used	 in	 a	 wide	 range	 of
                                                                                   cooking	 applications.	 Since	 vegetable
        olive oil Vs Vegetable oils                                                oils	 are	 polyunsaturated,	 they	 are	 easy
        1. Canola oil vs. olive oil                                                to	 promote	 as	 a	 ‘healthy’	 fat;	 however,
           One	 of	 the	 most	 commonly	 used	                                     these   genetically-modified,   partially
        vegetable	 oil,	 Canola	 oil,	 is	 produced	                               hydrogenated,  refined  oils  have  been
        from	a	genetically	engineered	form	of	the	                                 found	 to	 be	 nothing	 but	 bad	 for	 one’s
        rapeseed  plant  that  was  first  developed                               health.	 Contrary	 to	 vegetable	 oils,	 extra
        in	 Canada	 and	 is	 now	 the	 highest	 oil-                               virgin olive oil is unprocessed, unrefined,
        producing	seed	crop	in	the	USA.                                            contain	no	trans	fats	or	GMOs,	is	mainly
           The	 initial	 non-GMO	 version	 of	                                     composed	 of	 healthy	 monounsaturated
        the	 plant	 is	 just	 standard	 rapeseed	 and	                             fats	and	is	also	full	of	natural	antioxidants
                                                                                   known	 as	 polyphenols.	 Additionally,
        contains	high	levels	of	erucic	acid	which	                                 real	extra	virgin	olive	oil	is	full	of	aroma
        experiments	have	found	to	be	toxic	when	                                   and  flavor  which  can  truly  transform
        consumed	 in	 large	 quantities.	 In	 order	                               the	 foods	 prepared	 in	 your	 kitchen.	 As
        to	 develop	 a	 product	 with	 lower	 erucic	                              vegetable	oils	are	deodorized,	they	offer
        acid,	 the	 rapeseed	 plant	 was	 genetically	                             no  flavor  enhancement  to  your  food,
        modified  and  thus  renamed  ‘Canola’  by                                 whereas the natural flavors of olive oil can
        the	Rapeseed	Association	of	Canada	in	the	                                 add	a	peppery	kick	to	grilled	meats	and
        1970’s,	coined	from	the	phrase	“Canadian	                                  vegetables,	a	fresh	herbal	aroma	to	soups,
        Oil	Low	Acid”.                              Health Benefits of Olive oil   and	fruity	sweetness	to	green	salads.				n

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